Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

The Ultimate Vampire Book

vintage classics draculaBram Stoker’s Dracula was the book that started it all. They made so many movies out if it and of course, so many different shows and stories/novels based on the idea that the dead can come back to life, with a hankering for human blood.

I’ve been wanting to read this book for the longest time. It was while I was reading The Historian that I decided to get a copy of Dracula for myself. I wanted to know what was so interesting with this story that there’s been so many different remakes/re-writes about it?

I’ve seen the movie. It was sweet and lovely. A rather good love story, I might add. So how different could it be, right?


The book was nothing like the movie at all. Sure, the book and the movie started out the same way, with Jonathan Harker going to Transylvania to meet the Count to get him to sign the papers for his new property and the ordeal that the poor man had to go through just to come back to England. While I read the book, I had scenes from the movie play in my head. However, the relationship between Mina Harker and Dracula are totally not what it’s like in the movie at all.

I have problems reading some parts of it, especially the dialogue and the portions written from Abraham Van Helsing’s point of view. The sentences are convoluted and may not be what see as grammatically correct, but seeing that I’m not an expert in the English language, it could be correct and I’m just an ignorant fool. Anyway, I’m attributing the strange sentence phrasing to the fact that Van Helsing, being Dutch, may not be a native English speaker.

Overall, I did enjoy the book very much. I would have loved it more if the book was more violent and bloody but I don’t think that that was the writing style back then in the 1800s. I definitely have to re-read the book again to pick up on the little things that I might have missed when I read through it the first time; just like what I did when I read Tolkein’s Lord of The Rings.

Are We Ready For Polling Day?

On May 7th, most of us Singaporeans will go to the polling stations to vote. For some of us, it would be their virgin voting experience. I’m one of the lucky few how had a chance to vote in the last general election, though this time around, it seems to be hell of a lot more exciting.

I won’t cover what issues that are highly debated during the campaigning, as have talked about it more eloquently and passionately than I could ever put into words.

I must admit that this time around, the elections have brought forth intense emotions for me.

I discovered that reading all the different things posted and shared by my fellow Singaporeans regarding the elections while PMS-ing, made me channel the Red Lanterns.

This was me the whole of last week.

Reigning in that anger was not easy, especially when encountering apathetic peers but I think I did well. I didn’t kill anyone and I tried not to shove my opinions down anyone’s throats.

I won’t say vote wisely, just vote with knowledge and with your head, not your heart.

I leave you with the speech by V in V for Vendetta which can be found here (since the uploaded disabled embedding).

No matter what the outcome of the elections are, I hope that it’ll be for the best interest of the country and the people.