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Amazing Africa At The Asian Civilisation Museum

Amazing Africa

On Sunday, Dude and I went down to the Asian Civilisation Museum to experience the Amazing Africa event, that was held over the weekend in conjunction with the Congo River: Art of Central Africa exhibition.

I heard that there were going to be dancing, music, food and other African culture things too. Also, free coffee from Starbucks. Now you can see why we went.

Anyway, I was glad to find out that due to the open house, it was free admission to all galleries on that day. As with anything free, there were crowds of people at the Congo gallery but we managed to go through most of the exhibit without bumping into people too badly.

The real event started at 1pm, when the musicians started playing. There dancers came out a little later. We didn’t stay for the whole thing since Dude and I wanted to attend the coffee tasting event at the lobby.

African musicians

The coffee tasting was similar to the one that I tried a few months back, only this time, we tried only the Organic Shade Grown Mexican coffee and the Kenyan coffee. With tiny little cups of coffee, we learned how to appreciate the aroma and the taste of it, as well as how well it goes with food. Dude, like me, went for the event just for the coffee.

After the coffee tasting, we exchanged the coupons that we scored at the Congo gallery for ice cream and settled down on the green to watch the show.

On the green 1

The musicians from the gallery earlier and moved down to the green and started playing. The dancers had changed into a different outfit too and started their spirited dancing.

While watching the dance, it hit me how different it is to our own cultural dance. From my abysmal knowledge of Malay cultural dance, I do not recall there being a dancing that is as spirited or as abundantly happy as the one that was performed by the dancers. There were splits, tumbling and somersault as well.

The dancers had some of the audience members to come up and join in with the dancing. The audience were a good sport too. I think everyone on the green had as much fun, either watching or even participating in the dances.

dancing on the green 1dancing on the green 2

When the dance ended, Dude and I headed back into the museum to continue with the rest of the Congo gallery since we left half way to see the dance event at the level two gallery. Before that, we decided to get some face paint on.


Having our faces painted and walking through the galleries earned us a couple of stares and looks but we didn’t really care. We spent another couple of hours going through the different galleries and even took a break to have plantain pudding. We wanted to try out the other African food that were available but we were so full.

All in all, we had a lot of fun. It’s been a while since we went to the museum and to be able to spend the whole day there is just awesome.

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