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Who Says you Can’t Learn How To Swim From Watching YouTube

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When I told Dude that I learnt how to swim from watching youTube videos, he was horrified and yet amazed that I’d not drowned during all those times I went swimming. He was convinced that I was doing everything wrong and that he must rectify this situation immediately, so over the weekend, we went swimming.

I must say that he was pleasantly surprised that I could in fact swim and relatively well, though not as efficient as I could be. It helped that I already knew how to swim a little when I started watching the videos. I just needed to get over my fear of the deep end of the pool and increase my stamina, which I did when I went swimming regularly the year before last. I’ve since lost all that stamina and most of the muscle I put on as I’ve not been swimming as regularly as I’d like.

Anyway, the lesson was about an hour or so but in that hour, he taught me how to tread water properly, how to increase your lung capacity and the proper way to kick while doing the breast stroke. Basically, he didn’t have to start from the very basics and I was already comfortable in the water. It was one of the most fun dates that we’ve ever had actually and I’m actually looking forward to the next lesson.

Just in case you’re wondering which video I was watching for ‘lessons’, it’s this one:

He’s got a couple of videos on swimming too, if anyone is interested.

So yes, you can learn how to swim from YouTube, provided you already knew some of the basics before hand. Unlike Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory, I do practice in a pool and not just pretend to swim on dry land.

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