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The 4-Hour Work Week

The 4 hour work week

A couple of weeks ago, Dude bought me The 4-hour Work Week, after he’d been insisting, for weeks, that I must read it. He insists that it’s a really good book, with great ideas that he thinks we should try out and it would be great to be able to discuss it with someone else.

I’m almost done with the book and so far, I found that the concepts of the book to be interesting and a little mind-boggling. The author, Tim Ferriss, claims that instead of slogging for most of your life before enjoying retirement, you can have mini-retirements now and still make money because your income is totally automated and you rarely have anything to worry about.

As I read more of the book, I realised that people have done it and it worked out very well but as with everything that is life changing, taking the first step is always the hardest.

The book teaches you how to handle all the emails, phone calls and tasks in batches. I’ve been using the technique to write concise but informative (without being an info dump) emails and so far, my boss has been appreciative of it and it’s cut down the number of emails going back and forth. Currently, I’m trying to see how I can implement this batching of tasks, especially for the order requests.

The most interesting for me so far is how one can negotiate for a remote work arrangement, working effectively and more productively but not in the office. Unfortunately, the nature of my job doesn’t allow me for a remote work arrangement to work as most of what I do are very hands-on. I would very much would love to work away from the office and the lab but it’s hard to do when you’re in scientific research. Unless you’re doing field work, I guess.

The book also helps you understand or come up with a concept to help one start a business online and help you not only increase profits but also productivity without taking up too much of your time which can be used to do more interesting and fun things, like travelling. Interesting, yes?

I think that it’s a really good book for anyone who’s interested in making money and yet have more than enough time to enjoy it without waiting too late and then regretting.