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Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

The Need To Write Better

Lately, I think that my writing has reached a plateau; a plateau of mediocrity. I rarely have anything intelligent to say and when I try to contribute to what ever topic that is making its round on the web, I just come across incoherent, rushed and not really adding anything new to the topic of discussion. Most of my recent writings have been nothing but rushed cobbling of sentences with barely a thought that goes into it. I just slap on some pictures, right a few rushed paragraphs and post it up, without even bothering to read through it check for spelling mistakes, broken links and various other mistakes.

Truthfully, I miss the times when I used to take time and effort to read through the post a few times, making sure that the grammar, spelling and vocabulary that I use it correct. Nothing is more embarrassing then telling everyone that you’re a writer but your writing is a mess. I know for a fact that my grammar may not be spectacular even at the best of times but I do try to make as little mistakes as I can. I could say that I don’t have the time or energy to write better but those are just excuses. If I had the time to write a post, then I should put in the effort to make it worthwhile reading.

This brings me to the question, who do I write for; myself, others or both? After much pondering, I realised that I’d like write for both myself and for others. So, I should make an effort to at least make the writing funny, if not interesting, and keeping the self-indulgent posts to a minimum.

I want to be able to write, not necessarily wittily but at least in a way that’s interesting enough that the readers would come back. I need to write better, to put in more effort in my writing, taking a few days to do a post if needed. I miss being able to easily collect my thoughts and lay them out coherently, funnily and at times with a sprinkle of wit.

So how do I do this? How do I make time out of an already busy schedule, to come up with quality posts? This, I have yet to figure out.

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