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My First Hen Night

wild girls

At an age when my friends are all getting married and starting a family, I finally get to attend a hen night. It’s not something that, I’m assuming, is commonly practised here since I don’t really have friends who have attended any of such events.

Anyway, my friend P who’s getting married in a couple of months, decided that she needed a break from all the wedding preparations and got us to organise a hen night for her. After a series of mass emails, back and forth, a plan was made and all that was needed was for the bride-to-be to turn up at the agreed place.

We ended up having dinner at the Swensen’s outlet at Marina Square. Even though we had made a reservation, they claimed that we didn’t have one and that was the start of the not so nice evening we had at the outlet. The service left much to be desired and by the end of the dinner, we were glad to pay and leave. I think that the 10% service charge should be optional when you have to endure sub-par service, but I digress.

Back to the story. Before the event, one of the ladies had went out to get some decorations and some mementos for the occasion and we all ended up getting the cute masks and the paper napkins. One of the other ladies had a list of questions were posed to P’s future husband and we’d asked P the same set of questions. At the end of dinner, she managed to answer most of the questions correctly.


After dinner, we headed down to the Atrium Lounge at Marina Mandarin for drinks and to continue the rest of the questions. The Atrium Lounge was strangely quiet for a Friday night but we weren’t complaining since that meant that we almost had the place to ourselves. While everyone decided on their drinks (they had a promotion on martinis, so you know what most of them had), I settled for my usual lounge/bar/pub drink, a Shirley Temple.

martini lady

As we ordered at list 4 martinis, the lady pushed over a cart of liquor and mixed the drinks in front of us. She was kind enough to allow us to take a picture of her, though the one that I took was blurry.

A little while later, the last member of our little gathering came, bearing cake.

man cake

We had initially wanted to order her a cake in the shape of a man’s, uhm, package but we didn’t want to be over the top with it so we settled for something else. It was a huge cake, and after dinner and all those drinks, we could only eat a tiny bit of the cake, so P had to bring it home with her.

It was a tame affair actually. We mostly sat around, talking and drinking. It was fun. I hoped that P had a great time, as much as the rest of us did. For a first hen night experience, it was great.