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Solomon Kane

solomon kane

When I went to watch Solomon Kane last night, I went into the theatre not knowing what to expect. I’d never heard of the movie or the comics and the pulp-fiction that it was based on, so I just settled back and watched.

According to IMDB, the movie is about a man, whose soul is coveted by the Devil for all that he’d done, and tries to redeem himself. A lot like Constantine/Hell Blazer but different.

I didn’t even know who James Purefoy, the actor who plays the main character, was until I did a quick search and realised that he was in Rome and Resident Evil.

Anyway, the opening scene was riveting, with the gratuitous violence, blood, gore and magic. The movie was almost entirely done in muted earth colours, black brown and all shades of mud. It rained through most parts of the movie and it didn’t help that the theatre was cold too. I was shivering a little even with a jacket on.

The movie was actually rather good. The fight scenes were brutal, bloody and not overtly choreographed like in Troy. It was believable that someone could actually fight like that in real life. Some bits of it were predictable but I think that’s because a lot of other stories have the same story formula. The only slight problem that I have with the movie was the ending fight scene but overall, still a good movie.

If you like gratuitous violence, blood, gore, magic and sorcery, watch this movie.