Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

The One For Science

I’ve always loved the Science Centre ever since I was a child and I would never turn down the chance to go even if there wasn’t an exhibit going on. Fortunately for me, there was one and my friends and I just had to go.

Last Saturday, the Adventure Crew and I went down to the Science Centre to see the CSI Exhibition. Dude decided to tag along since he was in the area anyway. We decided to take the CSI plus the Centre exhibition package and due to the fact that Dude was a Starhub customer, we recieved a 20% discount. We ended up paying $16.80 instead of the usual $20, so with tickets in hand, we went to the Annexe building where the CSI Exhibition was held.

There were 3 cases to solve and between the 2 of us, Dude and I finished all three cases in under and hour. I didn’t think that the cases were all that difficult; you just need to be observant, a quick reader and well, have an interest in science. I think that my background made me unable to be too awed or wowed by the exhibition. It was cool and interesting but not something that would have made me go, “OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!”

Anyway, we completed the cases and successfully obtained the CSI Diploma that you can get once you’ve completed each case. You can get it emailed to you or pay $8 for it to be printed out at the exhibition merchandise area.

CSI diploma

After a superbly filling lunch at the buffet restaurant near the Omni Theatre, we went back to view the permanent exhibits at the Science Centre proper.

Photo courtesy of Seriously Sarah

It was fun, playing with the exhibit and rediscovering our inner children (not that my inner child is all that far from the surface anyway). There was a curve wall exhibit for the children, where they were to use Velcro-ed blocks to climb up the wall and press the red button at the top. Due to us being adults and not little kiddies, the Velcro blocks weren’t able to hold our weight, so we had to find other ways of getting to the top, which involved a running start and finding food holds that can hold our weight. If you’re wondering at the lack of pictures, that’s because I was having too much fun playing with the exhibits that I just couldn’t be bothered to whip out my camera and start snapping away.

science centre exhibits

Each of the different areas of exhibits were, in my honest opinion, very well done in a way that would get a child have a greater interest in science and math. The different areas covered various type of science, chemistry, biology and physics, with their own interesting exhibits. However, I wish that the exhibits were a little more robust so that they wouldn’t be under maintenance too often from being manhandled by the kids.

I would love to go back to the Science Centre before the end of the month as we missed the Dinosaur exhibit the last time we were there. Like I said, the inner child isn’t all that far from the surface and she loves dinosaurs. Who doesn’t, right? If you haven’t been to the Science Centre in a while, I would definitely recommend that you go down for a visit, just to let your inner child run free for a while.