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A Better Library Experience

the sandman vol 1-3

A while back I mentioned that the library makes me cry and I’ve lamented to everyone who would listen how annoying it is to be at the library due to the running, screaming children whom their parents can’t seem to control. However, my last few library visits have been wonderfully nice.

Let me start with why I was at the library at the first place. In recent years, my reading material had changed, going from the usual genre of romance to various other speculative and genre fiction. Recently, I’ve taken to reading graphic novels and I’m so glad that the library has had an increasing number of graphic novels in their collection.

I have more than a few comic book fans among my Twitter list and they’re always good with giving suggestions for comic books to start on. One of those is Fray by Joss Whedon, the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.


I’ve heard nothing but good things about the series and it just so happened that I found a copy at the library.

Another series that had a really good recommendation was Fables. I grabbed the first two volumes of the series and I was hooked.

fables vol 1-3

Now that National Library has an application on Facebook that allows members to check the availability, recommend the books and even make reservations, it makes getting books from the library a lot easier than it used to be. It definitely makes my library experience a lot better; not only do I get the book that I want but also, not spend too long looking for it and having to endure noisy children.

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