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30 Before 30: Creating A Calisthenics Workout Programme For Myself – Squats & Push-ups

In my 30 Before 30 list, I mentioned that I wanted to create a >calisthenic programme for myself since I’m in need of a good workout and toning for my body.

I’d never heard of calisthenics before until Dude told me about it, since it’s part of his workout regime and he swears by it. It’s a simple kind of work out using just your bodyweight and no equipment needed. Since I don’t particularly like going to the gym where people stare at you while you work out, it’s the perfect thing for me to work out at home.

Dude suggested that I try the 200 Squats and the 100 Push-up programmes as the combination of the two gives you a full body work out. After reading through it, I agree.

Anyway, since it’s a 6 week programme, I want to start next Monday but I will need to do the initial tests first, hopefully on Saturday. That will give me enough time for the body to recover before the actual workout begins.

I need to be disciplined about this work out and hopefully, I’ll see an improvement after the 6 weeks are done.

Other than the two programmes, there are other series of workouts that I’m interested in trying, like the cheapest home exercise routine and the no-gear total-body work out. It should be easily done at home since it doesn’t require anything other than a mat, which I already have.

So wish me luck and I’m really hoping that I can do this.