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The First Adventure Of The Year: Things We Went Through Just For Awesome Italian Food

When the lovely Rinaz and Cart invited their friends over for an informal get-together to catch up, play some games and enjoy some home-made Italian food, I was excited and looked forward to it since I have not met them in so long. What I didn’t know was that it was going to be my first adventure of the year.

I was to meet Sarah at 4pm but I was running a little late. While on the train to the meeting place, it started to pour and I should have known that it was a sign that an adventure was going to happen. When I met up with Sarah, we decided to take the cab since it should drop us off near the apartment building and that meant being drier than if we’d taken the bus and having to walk from the bus stop. Anyway, the cab ride itself was eventful.

When informed where we wanted to go, the cabbie asked if we could direct him but since we didn’t live in the area, we couldn’t. I think he took us to our destination via a longer route, that had us going through the industrial district. We drove through multiple flooded roads that if the water was any higher, we could have been stranded in it; exciting and somewhat scary.

When we arrived, Daphne and Furry Photos were already there and Rinaz and Cart were still hard at work in the kitchen, which was filled with the wonderful scent of frying onions. While we waited, I got to pet and plaay a little with RInaz’s cat, Janet.


She was affectionate, sidling up to everyone and rubbing against their legs and allowing everyone to pet her. It was so cute!

A little while later, we were joined by Chillycraps, Xinyun, Hisham, Arzhou, Farinelli, Paced, Brokenshardz, the two Justins, a couple of Rinaz’s friends and Ridz who came just as I was leaving. It’s been a while since I last met most of the people who attended and for some of them, it was the first time I met them.

You might be wondering why there are barely any pictures in a blogpost about a gathering of bloggers? Well, that’s because everyone was too busy playing games or eating.

While waiting for everyone to turn up and for Rinaz and Cart to finish their kitchen duty, we played a couple of rounds of Monopoly Deal. It was in the middle of the game when there was a power trip, plunging the whole house into darkness. That happened a couple of times before a kitchen appliance was found to be the cause of it.

Then, it was time for the food.

Rinaz’s mum made coconut rice and all the trimmings and I must say, it was so much better than the famous one in the west. It was so good! Fluffy rice, spicy sambal and there were tempeh too! Then came the Italian meatballs, lovingly made by Rinaz. It was most awesome! It beats every single meatball that I’ve tasted so far. Mmm… Just thinking about it is making me hungry.

We had to wait a while for the lasagna since it had to go into the oven for an hour and the tiramisu was chilling in the fridge so we took more time to play more rounds of Monopoly Deal and some Wii games. The lasagna was awesome and the tiramisu, made by Cart, was a wonderful way to round off the meal.

I had a wonderful time at the gathering and it was great fun to meet everyone again. Sarah and I thanked our host for their hospitality and left, soon after dessert. When we got to the void deck of the apartment, it started to storm. Again. Since we couldn’t find the bus stop, we ended up going through flooded sidewalks and getting drenched despite the umbrellas we were using. The moment we got into a cab, the rain stopped. Both of us went, “WHAT THE HECK!!”, though that is usually the case when we’re on adventures. We got to the train station half drenched but oh so full from the wonderful food and the awesome company.

I’m hoping that the next gathering won’t be in another year. Thanks again to Rinaz and Cart for inviting us to the gathering and cooking for us.

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