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Better Than Being A Tapir: My First Cosplay Experience

A long time ago, while looking through some sites on how to make the costume for Link, I asked my mum if she would help me make it. She turned to me and said, “Why don’t you go as a tapir?”

That made me go WTH?! Tapirs aren’t cosplay material, unless there’s a tapir character out there that I don’t know about. So I totally dismissed that idea and tried to think about what to dress up as for the STGCC 2010.

After many months of talking about it, my friends and I decided to do a steampunk themed group dress up. Once that was decided, we went off to get our costumes. It took me a couple of months to get everything together since life was hectic and I had yet to decide what kind of steampunk character I was going as. It took me a while and then, I decided to go as a steampunk floozy.

Pictures after the jump.

Ok, so it’s more floozy than steampunk but there’s just something about dressing up in a corset, a short skirt, fishnet stockings and boots that gave me a somewhat liberated feeling.

back view

It took me a while to put on everything since I didn’t realise how difficult it was to put on the fishnet stockings. My toes kept getting caught in the tiny holes. After about 20 minutes struggling with everything, I finally came out of the stall and showed the AdCrew my whole get up. I think they’ve never seen so much skin on me before.

me and the halo guys

My make up could have been more intense and over the top but I don’t have as many colours as I would have liked and well, after walking around the hall, even though it was air-conditioned, you tend to perspire and the make up just disappears.

As I was taking pictures with the Halo guys, suddenly at least 5 different people with camera’s just popped up from nowhere and took pictures of me and the Halo guys. It was rather disconcerting and yet interesting at the same time.

the adventure crew

One would think that the corseted steampunk girls would get more stares as the group of us walked to the nearest McDonald’s for a snack but no, the purple haired random Pokemon scientist got the most stares. Strange and funny, don’t you think.

Overall, I had a lot of fun and frankly, I can’t wait for next year so that I can dress up as something else. Hopefully, as Link this time.