Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Girly Day Out

One of the things I miss doing most is going out with either one or both of my sisters. Now that all three of us are working, it gets harder to spend time with each other doing girly things; like shopping. So when the opportunity arose yesterday, since my youngest sis was having the day off, we decided to go for a little shopping jaunt into town.

After a late lunch at Far East Plaza, we spent the next hour or so, walking around the different shops as she needed to get a Christmas present for her gift exchange thing at work. After much debating and changing her mind, she finally decided on what to get for her colleague. She even manage to find something for herself.

Then it was off to other malls for more retail therapy.

We ended up at Sephora as I wanted to get the interesting things I saw when I was there last. The last time I was there to get the Complexion Primer Potion , I saw a brand of cosmetic and skin care products called Soap & Glory. The two things that grabbed my interest were the Sexy Mother Plucker Lip Gloss and the Trick and Treatment Concealer. I thought I’d give it a try, especially the dark circle concealer since even with my days off, the dark rings under my eyes were quite bad and my concealer isn’t doing it’s job.

Anyway, I tried the lip gloss and it works! Once I put in on, my lips felt tingly, like I have pins and needles on them, and I my lips do look plumper too. I’m going to try the concealer soon and I hope it works.

After the trip to Sephora, my sister dragged me to Forever 21 and surprisingly, I actually found something I like. I got myself a satin tunic as I realised that I have too many t-shirts and not enough nice tops for formal and semi-formal events (not that I go to that many but eh, it’s always good to have a selection of tops that can go both formal and casual.)

As we were exiting Orchard, I decided to drag my sister down to Haji Lane to check out the shops there. Even though I spend a lot of time at Haji Lane nowdays, I don’t really get a chance to browse through all the shops there. Some of the shops had changed and/or closed down but there are new ones too.

dark grey dress

At Jia Shop (41A Haji Lane), I found a lovely dark grey dress. While there were three dresses in the same design, each dress was a one-off thing in light grey, dark grey and black. I tried it on and immediately fell in love with the dress. The only thing is that since it was free size, it’s slightly loose around the waist but that’s easily rectified with a belt, which also adds something different to the whole outfit. For $39, I thought that it was a good deal.

black belt

We then went down lane and at Green Poppies, I got myself black belt which I thought went well with the dress that I got earlier. I’d tried a couple of belts that I saw at some of the other shops but due to the fact that my waist is somewhat tiny, the belts were either too long or too loose for me. That is, until I saw the one at Green Poppies. It fit me just nice and it can still be used if I gained or lost weight.

red coin purse

Before I went to Green Poppies, my sister and I dropped by a new shop, Ohm Mani. The shop sells clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories. I found the perfect coin pouch for me. It’s bright red so that I can find it easily in my bag and it’s also big enough to store all my loose change.

By the time we finished walking up and down the lane, we were both somewhat hungry and we ended up at Fika Cafe and sharing a plate of Swedish meatballs for dinner. All in all, I had a great fun day out with my sister and I hope that we might get to do something similar soon.

Better Than Being A Tapir: My First Cosplay Experience

A long time ago, while looking through some sites on how to make the costume for Link, I asked my mum if she would help me make it. She turned to me and said, “Why don’t you go as a tapir?”

That made me go WTH?! Tapirs aren’t cosplay material, unless there’s a tapir character out there that I don’t know about. So I totally dismissed that idea and tried to think about what to dress up as for the STGCC 2010.

After many months of talking about it, my friends and I decided to do a steampunk themed group dress up. Once that was decided, we went off to get our costumes. It took me a couple of months to get everything together since life was hectic and I had yet to decide what kind of steampunk character I was going as. It took me a while and then, I decided to go as a steampunk floozy.

Pictures after the jump.

Ok, so it’s more floozy than steampunk but there’s just something about dressing up in a corset, a short skirt, fishnet stockings and boots that gave me a somewhat liberated feeling.

back view

It took me a while to put on everything since I didn’t realise how difficult it was to put on the fishnet stockings. My toes kept getting caught in the tiny holes. After about 20 minutes struggling with everything, I finally came out of the stall and showed the AdCrew my whole get up. I think they’ve never seen so much skin on me before.

me and the halo guys

My make up could have been more intense and over the top but I don’t have as many colours as I would have liked and well, after walking around the hall, even though it was air-conditioned, you tend to perspire and the make up just disappears.

As I was taking pictures with the Halo guys, suddenly at least 5 different people with camera’s just popped up from nowhere and took pictures of me and the Halo guys. It was rather disconcerting and yet interesting at the same time.

the adventure crew

One would think that the corseted steampunk girls would get more stares as the group of us walked to the nearest McDonald’s for a snack but no, the purple haired random Pokemon scientist got the most stares. Strange and funny, don’t you think.

Overall, I had a lot of fun and frankly, I can’t wait for next year so that I can dress up as something else. Hopefully, as Link this time.

Meeting Gail Simone (And Crying)

When the guests lists for the Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention (STGCC) was released, my friends were superbly excited that Gail Simone was coming for the con. I’ve read her works and I love the way she writes, so I was just as excited.

On the opening day of the convention, I met with Joelyn and we headed to the con to meet Sarah who was already there as a volunteer, so that I can pass her my copy of Wonder Woman: The Circle so that she can help me get it signed by Gail Simone the next day, just in case I miss the signing session.

As we were walking around the hall, looking at the different booths, Sarah said to me, “Turn around.”

I turned and there Gail was, standing and talking to people. We went up to her and asked if she would mind signing my comic book. I handed her the book and burst into tears. It was so embarrassing for both Gail and myself. It was the biggest fan girl moment of my life.

I seriously did not expect the tears and I was so damn embarrassed, but Gail was such a good sport. She signed my book and even let us take a picture with her.

Me and Gail
Photo courtesy of Seriously Sarah

If you clicked on the picture to embiggen it, you’ll see that I still have the tears in my eyes when we took the photo. Fangirl much?

Anyway, I managed to arrive at the con on time for Gail Simone’s signing session. As I was queueing up to see her, she walked by and I started crying again. It was mucho embarrassing but I got my tears under control by the time it was my turn and managed to tell her coherently that even though I don’t have anything for her to sign that day, we, the HSWG, had something for her instead. We passed her a copy of Happiness At The End of the World and Bubble G.U.M., signed by all the writers involved so that she can have something to remember us by (as if having a crying fan handing her comic book to get signed isn’t memorable enough).

me and gail 2

So, it was the most awesome thing to happen to me that weekend. I really hope that she’ll come back soon and that we don’t have to wait another four years for us to see her again on our shores. I can promise that I won’t cry the next time I see her. Really!