Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

The Hotness of A Man

Hot man

The hotness of a man isn’t in just the way he looks, how he carries himself and how he behaves. It’s in the little things that he does that makes him sexy, gorgeous and oh, so hot in your eyes.

It’s in the way he talks to you, making you feel like you’re his equal, taking the time to explain esoteric things that you’ve never heard before and make it exciting. When he asks you about your day and expect you to tell him about it.

It’s in the way he holds you and tells you that it’s ok, things will be fine, when you find out that your grandmother was hospitalised. Again.

It’s in the funny faces he makes when he tells a story about the cat, the little cute things that the cat does.

It’s in the way he moves; the silly dances he does when he thinks no one is looking or when he purposefully does it in public to embarrass you, even though it never works.

It’s in the way he cooks, even if it’s just using the microwave oven, preparing something that you’ve never had before and open to trying. The way he worries that it’s not good enough to serve guests even though you know it’s going to be perfectly fine.

It’s in the way he calls you during lunch to talk, just to talk and see how the day’s been going.

It’s in the way that he makes you feel so much better after a shitty day/week.

It’s in the way that he makes you laugh and the way he laughs at your lame jokes. The way you can talk about comic books or science and he’d get it.

The hottest thing, the sexiest thing in a man is his brain. Intelligence, a sense of humour and self-confidence are what makes a man hot. At least to me.