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Art At The Red Dot

red dot traffic

Weekends are adventure days. Last Saturday was not different. I met with the Adventure Crew (Sarah, Avariel and Joelyn) and we headed down to the red dot Traffic where we met with tumblenc, who was our guest star for the weekend adventure. They were having a fair of sorts for Children’s Day and some interesting design exhibits.

I’ve only walked pass the building and having almost no knowledge of design, I thought the whole building and concept of it very pretty.


I found the light display to be very fascinating. I’m not sure what is the rationale behind it since I didn’t have time to read the display but I thought it was pretty.

I love the tupperware exhibition. They had a few low display cases that showed off the different lines of tupperware products. I love tupperware since I think they last a long time and my mum loves collecting them, I actually have a majority of the items on display, somewhere in my house.

hanging tupperware

They actually used the different tupperware models as an exhibit too. Ain’t it cool?

dino toysshoes

There were other product designs on display, like computers, equipment for research and even household and lifestyle products, like shower heads, bidets and sinks. I found the little dino toy and these strange shoes to be quite interesting as I’ve never seen those before.


While walking around, Joelyn and I decided to do something naughty. Hur hur hur.

oic portrait day

Our main aim of going to the red dot was for the OIC Portrait Day, where you pose for about 20mins while people draw you but it seemed a little too long, so we ended up doing something else; umbrella painting.

ten buck therapy 2ten buck therapy

For SGD10, we get to paint our own umbrellas with what ever we feel like. There were only 2 conditions to it:

  • Don’t squeeze out too much paint on to the palette because that would be wastage.
  • Don’t use too thick a paint layer on the umbrella since it’ll take forever to dry.

With that, we started ‘painting’ our own parasols. I’m really bad at art. I can’t draw but I can colour within the lines. So Joelyn helped me with mine. It’s just a simple alternating patterns of ladybugs and paw prints. Simple and cute. I’m glad she was there to help or it would have taken me forever to finish it on my own.


After completing our ‘masterpieces’, we left the umbrellas aside to dry and we went off to check out the stalls selling accessories. In the end, all of us ended up buying something.

I would say that this is the most artsy thing that the AdCrew has done. I had fun drawing and painting and I have an umbrella to show for it. Not only that, I have few new accessories too.