Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

The Little Things That Make Me Happy

The scent of coffee in the morning.

My mum’s cooking.

Comfort food in the form of boiled tapioca and it’s side dishes.


Good music.

Good books.

Snuggling on the beanbag and watching a movie.

Talking about food, comic books and evolution over a meal.

Cats coming to me for pettings.



Shooting things in video games.

And the following video:

My First Bride’s Maid Experience

Wedding rings
Photo by apdk

Over the weekend, one of my close friends got married to a wonderful man. I’ve known both of them for more than half my life and I was glad and honoured to have a part in their wedding ceremony and the banquet afterwards.

It was my first time being a bride’s maid and especially in a wedding that is so culturally different from mine. I was excited and yet a little worried that I’d stumble and offend someone with my faux pas, but I was assured that everything will be alright since the other bride’s maids or ‘sisters’ as we’re called in the Chinese wedding custom, are there to help me.

The day started very early for everyone as we had a very strict time schedule to keep to. The ‘sisters’ started arriving at the bride’s house by 7.30am, dressed in our matching dresses. While the bride and her family performed the customary prayers before the wedding, the ‘sisters’ gathered in the balcony and quietly discussed the tasks that we would ask of the groom and his groom’s men (or ‘brothers’ as they’re called in a Chinese wedding) to perform for the ‘gatecrashing’ part of the ceremonony, before they could gain entry into the house.

It wasn’t before long before the bride was all dressed up and waiting in her bedroom while the groom arrived and waited impatiently at the door. The tasks that we gave them weren’t difficult but it did involve in some bromance action, public dancing and declarations of love. We tried not to make it too difficult but at the same time not too easy since they have to work for the permission to enter the house.

The ‘gatecrashing’ part was a hoot for everyone involved and especially for the bride’s older relatives. When the groom was finally allowed to claim his bride, everyone had their well deserved cool refreshments. Who knew that egging on grown men to dance and kiss each other on the cheek, could be so exhausting.

After the requisite photo-taking session with the happy couple, we quickly made our way to the grooms place as they needed to enter the house at a 11am sharp, which is most auspicious for their wedding. Their arrival into the groom’s home and into the matrimonial suite was followed by the tea ceremony. I’ve never witnessed how the tea ceremony was done and there was a certain protocol that must be followed. It was fascinating to watch. After the tea ceremony is completed, we returned to the bride’s home for them to repeat the tea ceremony with her side of the family. All that ended by 1.30pm and I could see that everyone was exhausted. At least the morning activities were done and I went home to rest before the wedding banquet later that night.

The banquet was something that I was familiar with, having attended a few before this but it was the first time that I had to help the bride out with her wedding dress. Both her dresses weigh at least 2.5kg, what with the layers of cloth, embroidery and the crystals sewn onto the dress. It took a lot of effort from the both of us to just get her into each dress. Her evening gown needed her to hold on to her husband while I tied her corset tight enough for the dress to not fall off or shift when she walks. Also, being he designated make up carrier, I was handing out blotters and tissues like noone’s business.

There was much running around during the banquet since her honeymoon suite was in the other wing of the hotel and we had to by pass another wedding reception just to get to her rooms for her to change, but it was worth it. Both of them looked gorgeous and happy and by at the end of the night, I was tired, full and if I could drink, I would have been a little tipsy too.

While the whole experience of being a bride’s maid was exhausting and fun, I did learn a few important things, just in case I have to be bride’s maid again.

1. Wear slip on kitten heels instead of the normal 3.5inch heels that I’d wear with a dress because bride’s maids need to more fast and stumbling to put on your shoes slows you down.

2. Tube dresses are sexy but not advisable if you’re going to be moving around a lot, especially when you don’t have the boobage to hold the dress up properly without fashion tape.

3. Hydrate yourself and make sure you have sweets handy for the quick sugar intake.

4. Have lipbalm handy at all times.

5. Have fun.

I would definitely be honoured to be a bride’s maid again if any of my friends ask but I would prefer it if it didn’t have to be so early in the morning.

The Hotness of A Man

Hot man

The hotness of a man isn’t in just the way he looks, how he carries himself and how he behaves. It’s in the little things that he does that makes him sexy, gorgeous and oh, so hot in your eyes.

It’s in the way he talks to you, making you feel like you’re his equal, taking the time to explain esoteric things that you’ve never heard before and make it exciting. When he asks you about your day and expect you to tell him about it.

It’s in the way he holds you and tells you that it’s ok, things will be fine, when you find out that your grandmother was hospitalised. Again.

It’s in the funny faces he makes when he tells a story about the cat, the little cute things that the cat does.

It’s in the way he moves; the silly dances he does when he thinks no one is looking or when he purposefully does it in public to embarrass you, even though it never works.

It’s in the way he cooks, even if it’s just using the microwave oven, preparing something that you’ve never had before and open to trying. The way he worries that it’s not good enough to serve guests even though you know it’s going to be perfectly fine.

It’s in the way he calls you during lunch to talk, just to talk and see how the day’s been going.

It’s in the way that he makes you feel so much better after a shitty day/week.

It’s in the way that he makes you laugh and the way he laughs at your lame jokes. The way you can talk about comic books or science and he’d get it.

The hottest thing, the sexiest thing in a man is his brain. Intelligence, a sense of humour and self-confidence are what makes a man hot. At least to me.

The Launch For Books And Writing

Bubble GUM NaNoWriMo Kick-Off

It’s that time of year again when the local NaNoWriMo chapter have their annual Kick-Off Party.

Where it’s at: National Library, Multipurpose room (basement 1) at 6.30pm (till 8.30pm)

Theme (Yes, we always have a theme): Superheroes! Come dressed up as your favourite graphic novel character, both heroes and villains. Not compulsory but it’ll be fun.

Who’s invited: Everyone! Ok well, not everyone but everyone who’s doing NaNoWriMo, readers and comic book lovers.

We’ll kick things off with the year’s NaNoWriMo party, getting to know the newbies who just joined this year, catching up with veterans and we’ll have cake. There’s always cake at the kick-off and it’s never a lie.

Other than the Kick-Off, the Happy Smiley Writers Group (HSWG) is launching a new book, Bubble G.U.M. This book took us more than a year to write, edit (especially editing) and get it published. I’m so, so glad that it’s out.

So what is the book about, you ask?

It’s a sci-fi novel, set in Singapore in the year 2045, where the world as we know it is gone and the girls have to do NS. There’ll be meta-powers, mutant seabass, dolphins and bikinis as part of the NS uniform. Get the books to find out more.

The books will be going at $15 at the launch. Get it then before they slap on the RRP of $18 when it goes for sale online and in the bookstores (who will then slap on a GST charge). If you haven’t gotten Happiness At The End of the World, you can get it then too. It’s also going for only $15.

So come on down, meet the writers, buy the books and have some cake. We’re really friendly people.

Kick Off
Here’s an official poster to the event. Click to embiggen.

A Day Of Watching Superheroes

Instead of spending my day totally concentrating on doing my draft for my essay, I’d spent half of the time watching movies while at the same time, going through my points to write up for that essay (which is due this Thursday and I’ve not written it out yet). That’s actually how I do my school work; with the tv on, my computer logged onto the web and my papers every where.

Anyway, being a comic book fan, it’s not a surprise that I’d watch the cartoon versions of the comic books too.

justice league: crisis on two earthsjustice leage: the new frontier

Justice League: The New Frontier was based on the graphic novel of the same title. All the characters are from the Golden Age era.

Basically, it’s how the different superheroes come together to form a league to work with the governments to protect the earth. Standard superhero stuff.

Here’s the trailer:

Having read Crisis on Infinite Earths and Infinite Crisis, I already knew that there were multiple parallel universes, the different Earths where you might have the same characters and yet, they’re can be totally different from what we’re used to.

This little movie was entertaining but not as good, in my opinion, as Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker and Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. Though this could just be my own bias since I’m a Batman fan and especially, animated Batman that’s voiced by Kevin Conroy.

So yes, that’s what I did most of yesterday.


Things I need to write:

Steampunk short story
I’ve not started it at all and the submission deadline is on Halloween. I have some ideas though but the part where I need to sit down and write it out… That part isn’t seem to be happening.

Marine Conservation essay
I have papers to read for this essay and I’ve started on two of those but still, the reading is going slowly. It’s due in a week.

NaNoWriMo plottings
Nothing what so ever so far. I’m so going to fail.

Things have been hectic around here and I’ve been struggling for time and focus to do all the things I need to do for school, work and my sideline interests. I should be reading and at least taking notes from my readings but I think I’m going to do that later. Too tired to think and process right now.

A Poem for Me

I was at the Flea Fly Flo Fun market at The National Art Gallery last Sunday for a tour of the old Supreme Court the City Hall. I saw that the Proletariat Poetry Factory had a booth at the market and I thought, lets give it a go.

I gave them the phrase ‘chocolate strawberries’ and let them craft me a poem.

Ten minutes later, this is what they have for me:

chocolate strawberries poem

you are the chocolate strawberries
in the diet of my life
you cheer up the day
no matter how terrible, blithe

just enough chocolate
to cause my head to swim
but it’s also fruit
so it wouldn’t be a sin

i’ll take you as you are
your moods are a diversity
somedays sweet, somedays sour
no hate; not even itty-bitty

you are the chocolate strawberries
you’re always a absolute treat
and no matter how terrible
it is YOU who makes life sweet

It’s lovely, don’t you think?