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Letter To My 16-Year Old Self

Looking back to the teen that I was, I couldn’t believe how angsty I was. If I could do one thing to make me less of a miserable person, I wish I could send a letter to that teenage girl that I was and tell her that life won’t be all that bad.

Sixteen / Ninety-One
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Dear Teenage Me,

At sixteen life might feel so hard. You might be wondering why the world is against you. Or why you don’t have have as many friends as you think you should? Or why aren’t you as popular as those other teenagers? Or you’re wondering why you don’t have a boyfriend? Or why aren’t you as pretty as the other girls your age? You feel like your parents don’t understand you at all and that your sisters are bratty kids and you can’t seem to get along with them.

Well, don’t worry because life will get better. Sure, even more than a decade later your mother would still look at you in puzzlement, wondering what the heck cosplay is and why can’t you go as a tapir if all you want to do is dress up. Your sisters would still be bratty kids but you’ll get along better, even though they do get on your nerves sometimes.

Don’t worry about not making friends because the one that matters will stick with you through everything. You’ll meet more people make more friends, more interesting friends as you get older. They’ll be like-minded and know how to have fun without all that alcohol and what-not that you see your teenage peers refer to as ‘fun’. They’ll be smart, funny and you’ll be able to talk to them about anything and everything and they won’t judge you, no matter what you say.

As you grow older and mature over the next decade or so, you’ll realise that all that popularity that you wanted in high school doesn’t mean jack shit in real life. Move to the beat of your own drum. Not only will you be happier, you’ll be less of a bitch to everyone. You’ll learn to stop caring so much about what people say or tell you.

School won’t be a chore the moment you get out of high school. In fact, school will be so much fun and you get to see the world, albeit a tiny part of it but still, you’ll be out of your country alone for the first time in your life and you’ll love the experience.

Pretty boys will not interest your that much as you mature but instead, the ones with smarts, who engage your brain and make you laugh will catch your attention faster than a cute boy on a dirtbike. Yes, you’ll find a boy who loves you and you’ll love him back. You’ll get your heart broken but you’ll bounce back and be stronger than before. Not having a partner isn’t all bad. You get to do what you want, go where ever you want and kiss whom ever you want without the arguments, the tears and the cold shoulders. Seriously, enjoy that singlehood while you still can.

It’ll be a long, long while before you’ll finally be comfortable in your own body. You’ll be confident in not only the way you look but of your abilities as well. You’ll love dressing up, with the accessories and especially the make up. Yes, you’ll finally figured out how to put on make up without looking like a runaway clown bride. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Just wait four years and you’ll find out.

So, my dear teenage self, don’t worry about all the things that make you such an unhappy person. Enjoy your youth, what friends that you have and the little things that make you happy. Life will get better. Just wait and see.

Your Future Self