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Books To Add To My Ever Growing Pile Of To-Read Books

I love books. If you haven’t realised this by now, you must have just started reading this blog or you just don’t know me very well. On top of loving books, I also hoard them. I have multiple plastic storage boxes full of books that are read and a few more boxes filled with books that I have yet to start reading. This, of course, doesn’t stop me from wanting and adding more to the already growing pile.

With one of the local book stores having a sale (when is it never having a sale?), I might just drop by to check if they have the books that I want.

1. The Malay Archipelago
This book was actually introduced to me, in passing, during my Evolution & Phylogeny class when we were discussing about Darwin’s theory of evolution. I’ve never been that much interested in studying evolution in depth, so it wasn’t until this class that I discovered that it’s actually a lot more interesting than I thought it was.

Anyway, the book was written by Alfred Russel Wallace who was a naturalist who lived in the South East Asian region back in the 1800s. Basically, the book is like a chronicle of his travels, his scientific research and his observations. I’m very interested in reading on how different the region must be like more than a century ago and if we can still find at least a tiny speck of what was seen back then if we travel through the region.

2. Blameless
The third book in The Parasol Protectorate series. I’m still currently reading Changeless, the book before this, but my friends are bugging me to quickly finish it so that I can get on to the third book, just so that we can squee about it together. The ladies I hang out with don’t squee very often and it’s usually over books and from the previous books, this series is very squee worthy.

On top of wanting to know what happens in the next book, I wonder what Madame Lefoux will be wearing in the next book. That lady has the most outrageous and yet amazing outfits in the book. Or at least I think so from the image I have of her in my head.

3. The Phoenix Transformed
This is the third book in The Enduring Flame trilogy. I’ve been waiting at least a year for this book to be out in paperback and as of yet, I have not seen it in the book stores. The story takes place a thousand years after the events of The Obsidian Trilogy, which is one of my most favourite trilogies by Mercedes Lackey.

There are dragons, mages and magic in this series. Unfortunately no unicorns, which I miss since the unicorns in The Obsidian Trilogy have such distinctive personalities that make you wish you had one as a friend, though you had to be chaste and celibate to even come close to one. Tough, huh?

I realised that I have not included a romance novel in a reading list for quite some time now. Truthfully, I’ve not actually found one that made me impatiently waiting to read it. Lately, it’s been the fantasy and the science genres that has been grabbing my attention. Is this what it means to have a maturing taste in reading? Or not?