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The Last Year Of My Twenties

Via masahiko

I turn 29 today and I just realised that it’s the last year of my twenties. By the time next birthday (hopefully) comes around, I would have left my twenties and start a new decade. I’m not really sure how I feel about that.

A number of things changed since my last birthday. You can’t go through life without getting knocked down but you just learn to pick yourself up, brush off the dirt and carry on; and most of the time, you’re stronger for it.

At 29, I may not be able to walk up and down town in heels or have the stamina to shop but I’m more adventurous, not afraid to give physical activities like climbing and rope swinging a try. I may not be curvaceous with boobs to die for or an ass that would rival J.Lo but I know that I look good (in fact better than I’ve had in years), I’m healthy (most of the time) and comfortable with myself and my body.

At 29, I know what I want and I’m working towards making it happen, one way or another, barring any unexpected circumstances. I’m happier now than I’ve ever remember being and I’m making my own happiness when I can.

This birthday has been wonderful so far, starting with a wonderful, wonderful dinner last night.

Leia 1Lego Leia 2

This morning, a colleague, the only other Star Wars nerd on the floor, gave me Lego Princess Leia. I’ve got Darth Vader at home and all I need now is Han Solo, Chewie, Luke and the droids to complete my set.

birthday cardkitty stickers

Then came the cat themed presents, a birthday card and sheet of stickers. I love cats!

So, this being the last year of my twenties, it isn’t so bad. Someone once told me that age is just a number and you’re only as old as you feel you are. I’m hoping that this year brings with it more joy, happiness and love. May this year be awesome and wonderful and totally kick-ass (in a good way).