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Taking Back My Weight

Your weight indicates your health
Via sylvar

Most people wouldn’t realise that I’ve actually lost a lot of weight. I’ve always been slender but lately, I’ve lost enough weight that I’m the same weight I was four years ago. My ribs, collar bone and even my elbows are more pronounced now. My clothes and especially my jeans are much looser. It says a lot when I actually have to put on a belt and I had to hook the belt a notch higher that I used too.

At my current weight, according to the Health Promotion Board BMI Calculator, I have a BMI of 17.5. While I may not have the obesity health risks, I do have a risk of nutritional deficiency and osteoporosis. It’s just not healthy and I need to regain back the weight I lost.

Previously, I weighed at least 6kg heavier but the events of April had me distraught enough to stop eating almost entirely for a week. Even after I recovered from that setback, my appetite didn’t fully got back to what it was. I didn’t eat as much, I tended to drink a lot more caffeine and sleep didn’t come as easily. Couple all that together and you get a good cause for weight loss.

I was maintaining relatively well at 49.5kg for the past few months but when the fasting month started, I lost another 3kg within the first two weeks. I’ve been falling sick a lot more often too and I think that this weight loss didn’t help either.

Now that the fasting month is over, I want to start regaining back the weight that I lost and it’s got to be healthy weight. I need to start going back to the pool and resume my yoga practice. I find that with school starting again, I’m going to fall back to my old unhealthy snacking diet, so that needs to change too. Less caffeine, less sugar and more fruits and veg in the diet.

It’s not going to be easy but staying healthy should be a good motivator to get me doing what needs to be done. Also, what little curves I had are now all gone! I want my curves back! I want to fill out my clothes like I used to. I want to be hot again. *wink wink*