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Overloaded On Meat

botak's favourites

The fasting month always brings with it weird cravings. When you can’t eat for the whole day, you start craving for things that you wouldn’t normally would have. That’s what happened to me.

I was telling everyone that I was craving cow; a whole cow. I had such an intense craving for meat that all I could think about for the whole of last week was meat, meat, meat, meat and meat. When the AdCrew came over on Saturday for Eid, they decided to go to Botak’s Favourites for dinner. Since the outlet wasn’t that far from my house, I thought, might as well go with them and get my craving for meat satiated. Boy, did I overload on the cow meat.

The journey to the food outlet started with the usual AdCrew style; having a detour before the adventure started.


We had to make a pit-stop at a shoe store since one of use ended up soleless (hur hur hur. This is a pun on Gail Carriger’s book.). After the emergency purchase of footware, we made our way across two roads and up and down four flight of stairs, to the food outlet.

It took us all of five minutes to decide on what we wanted and after making a list (writers always have at least a pen and a post-it pad with them), we placed our orders and waited somewhat impatiently for our orders.

stuffed jalapenos

The five of us shared a bowl of whole jalapeño peppers that are stuffed with mozzarella cheese, breaded and deep fried. Everyone liked it but not everyone loved the spicy, cheesy taste of it. I finished mine and the heat of the jalapeño didn’t hit me until much, much later.

nz ribeye

Like I said, I was craving for cow meat and I got myself a New Zealand ribeye steak. That’s 300g (just under a pound) of meaty goodness, with a side of coleslaw and cheesy baked potato mash. That set me back $22.80, which is way, way under what I would usually have to pay for a much, much smaller piece of meat anywhere else.

medium wellmedium rare

Raven Silvers and I ordered exactly the same thing, except that she had a side of cheesy baked potato mash and corn on the cob. She requested for her steak to be medium rare while I had mine medium well. I like mine to be just a tiny bit pink and not overly raw.

Everyone had multiple foodgasms with their meal and there was not much talking over the next twenty to thirty minutes as everyone was too intently enjoying their meal. I must say that it was the best steak I’ve ever had to date. I really should have gone for the smaller piece since I couldn’t finish the last quarter of it. It was so good but I was too full by the time I got to the last portion of it and I still had my potato mash and slaw to finish.

dinner aftermath

At the end of the meal, everyone was not only satisfied but we made a point to come back again at the end of the month (or something) to celebrate mine and Joelyn’s birthday.

My craving for cow was totally satiated by that slab of meat. I must have overloaded on the meat eating because when I thought about having meat again the next day, my immediate reaction was the urge to throw up. That’s a good sign because that means I get eat regular portions of meat now, instead of wanting the whole cow, roasting over a firepit.

I would so recommend this to anyone with a hankering for meat. The portions are huge (at least to me) and the prices are reasonable too! The next time I feel carnivorous, I know exactly where to go to get my meat fix.


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