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Since I’m Stuck At Home…

I’ve been sick these past few days. Being a germ factory means that I can’t go out and meet my friends, so it’ll be the best time to kick back, relax and catch up in the thins that I’ve missed, namely reading my ever growing pile of comic books.

Almost every week, I would go down to the comic book store to pick up my single issues but I don’t usually have the time to read them. That does not include the trade paperback copies that I have as well.

Here’s a partial list of the comics that I’m planning to go through today, if possible:

Return of Bruce Wayne, issues #3 & #4 of 6
return of bruce wayne #3 of 6return of bruce wayne #4 of 6

The one and only Batman, lost through time, trying to make his way back to present-day Gotham. This apparently comes after Batman & Son and Final Crisis, both of which I have yet to read.

Batman Beyond, issues #3 & #4 of 6
batman beyond #2 of 6batman beyond #3 of 6
Terry McGinnis, my ultimate favourite Batman. I’d enjoyed the animation series very much but this comic version has some ugly drawings, in my opinion.

Red Hood: The Lost Days, issues #3 & #4 of 6
red hood #2 of 6red hood #3 of 6
Jason Todd, the Robin after Dick Grayson, coming back from the dead. So what happens between his death and when he comes back being the brutal vigilante, Red Hood?

Wonder Woman, issue #601
wonder woman #601

I just bought this to see how her new costume works out for her.

True Blood, #1 & #2
true blood #1true blood #2

I enjoyed the True Blood series more than the books. We’ll see if the comics are as good as the show.

The Long Halloween, Final Crisis, Batman: R.I.P and Batwoman: Elegy
the long halloweenfinal crisisbatman r.i.p.batwoman elegy

I you hadn’t realised by now, I have a thing for Batman and the rest of the Bat family. I would say that majority of the graphic novels and comic books that I own are Batman and family-related. Obsessed much?

Anyway, I’m going to spend the rest of the day, lazing around in bed with my reading material.