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So, The Last Airbender Movie…

the last airbender

Despite all the bad reviews and all the things that I’ve heard people say about the movie adaptation of it, I went to watch it last night. Dude wanted to watch it after reading a seemingly good review of the movie in a magazine. I thought, why not.

Since I’ve watched the original series, everyone told me that I will most probably be disappointed with it. They changed too many things and basically destroyed the whole series. So I was forewarned. I went into the theatre with no expectations what so even.

I won’t say that I was pleasantly surprised by the wonder of it because I wasn’t but I must say that it was watch-able and I didn’t fall asleep.

Sure they changed a lot of things, like the races of the nations and dropped all the funny bits that make the series so wonderful but the movie also maintained the core story line of the series. It’s like watching Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince all over again, where they picked all the highlights of the book and made it into a two and a half hours movie. The Last Airbender was basically all the important parts of all 20 episodes of the first season, dropping all side stories and side quests, and condensing it into 103 minutes.

There are, of course, some cheesy dialogue and there’s something about the acting, I just can’t put my finger on it, that feels so unnatural. It’s not really bad acting but everything seems forced. Also, movie-Zuko was a whiny ass bastard. Cartoon-Zuko was whiny, yes, but he was angsty like any exiled 16 year old would be but movie-Zuko was very prone to monologuing and whining. That bit irritated me some.

The part they did get right was Princess Azula’s psychotic nature that was done very well by the actress who portrayed her. All that madness was conveyed in that smile and the mad look in her eyes.

Dude wished that the movie was longer but I think that the length was just right. Any longer and it would have been draggy.

So, should you watch it? I’d say, watch it and make up your own mind. Just try to remember that it’s an adaptation not a translation of the series onto the big screen. Expect things to change. Though, having an Indian man named Zhao is rather odd.

To end the post, here, have a trailer.