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Caramelised Onions Aren’t Weird Food

Last week, I was craving for caramelised onions but I just didn’t have time to make any. Someone asked if there was even such a thing. My jaw dropped and I couldn’t believe that they had never heard of caramelised onions before. Seriously, what kind of burgers have they been eating?! What’s even sadder, a simple Google search would have led the person to not just the existence but also on how to make them.

A friend said that not that many people know about it. Most probably they’ve had it; they just don’t know what it’s called. I just think that it’s sad that people don’t seem to bother to want to find out what it is that they’re eating.

Anyway, here’s a video on the proper way of making caramelised onions.

I’ve seen some cooking shows where they added brown sugar to the onions and that made me want to scream. Adding brown sugar to it is like adding caramel to the onions and not letting the onions cook in it’s own sugar, which is basically the WHOLE POINT OF CARAMELISED ONIONS!

Ahem. *steps of soap box*

From a link that someone posted up on twitter on how to make the In-N-Out Double, Double Animal Style burger at home. There’s one bit in there where the writer mentions on making the caramelised onions the way you would for French Onion soup; deglazing the pan when the sugars start coating the bottom of the pan. I think that this sounds like a very interesting method and I’m dying to try this out.

So, now I know how to make caramelised onions and I bought a jar of pickled jalapeño peppers yesterday. All I need is time to make my own burgers. It will be awesome, with awesome cheese, home-made patties, wonderfully toasted bread, veggies enough to put in a salad, lovely caramelised onions and jalapeño peppers. I just need sliced pickles. Just thinking about that makes me want to drool and that’s not a good thing, especially seeing that I’m fasting.

So yes, caramelised onions are the base for a lot of recipes but personally, I prefer them in my burgers.