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Taking Back My Commute Reading Time

From Flickr user oli.G

It’s been a while since I last picked up a book for reading during my commute. Lately, it’s just been me and my music player and sometimes, a comic book or two. Today I thought, why not and opened the Cupboard of Forgotten Books, where all the books that I don’t really read all that often are stored.

It was just a quick glance and what caught my eye was How To Be A Wicked Woman, a compilation of short stories by three of the funniest chick lit romance authors that I’ve ever read. It’s been a long, long while since I’ve read a funny romance and I’ve forgotten how much I enjoy it.

The first story in the book is entitled Wicked Witch of the West Side, written by MaryJanice Davidson. That lady never fails to make me laugh out loud, for real, when I read her work. This story made me giggle on the train this morning and I don’t even care if other think that I’m not normal. The story itself and the characters drew me in and I was sad to stop reading when the train arrived at my stop. I wish I could read the book the whole day but alas, there is work to be done and I have to wait until much later to read.

I’d forgot how much my writing is affected by what I read. I’ve not read in earnest for a long while and that can be seen in my writing. Having not read funny chick lit stuff for a while, I’ve lost my sarcasm, what little wit I had and also, my sense of fun and humour (if there is such a thing in the first place). I miss writing silly characters with silly dialogues in silly circumstances. I think I just miss writing and the high that comes with it.

So I must definitely start reading again during my commute, picking funny, chick lit books to get my funny, cheerful self back. I should dig out my Fred the Mermaid series again. That was a hoot to read. A good book always makes my commute time seem shorter and more bearable.