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Nerf Guns Aren’t Just For Boys

nerf mission zone 2010

On the last weekend of June, the Adventure Crew (Avariel, Raven Silvers, Sarah, Joelyn and yours truly) went for the Nerf Mission Zone, just for the heck of it. We can never turn down a chance to shoot stuff, be it with toy guns or going to the archery range, especially if it’s free.

Anyway, the day started really early, since all of us took the earliest time slot that was available. Since the registration only starts at 9.30am, we gathered at the Bucks of Star for a quick caffeination and breakfast. I opted for tea since I didn’t think that being high on coffee would be really good if you’re trying to shoot things.

When the registration was opened, we ambled up to the counter, signed the forms and collected our early bird gift, which was a deck of Boggle Slam cards. While waiting for the briefing to start, we walked around the booth, looking at the toys for sale. Seriously, if it wasn’t because I had to lug the big box of toy guns around for the rest of the day, I would have bought me the Nerf N-strike C6 Longstrike Dart Blaster


Before the game, we were briefed on the different parts of the arena and what we would be doing at each stage. It was basically, hit as many targets as you can and score as many points as you can. The part that interested me most was the second stage, where you have to assemble the Nerf N-Strike Recon CS-6, before shooting down a pyramid of cans.

I’m not sure of anyone else did this but since we were told in advance which ‘guns’ we would be using, a quick search resulted in this video.

It’s not really cheating right?


So anyway, after the briefing, we were herded to the waiting area at the arena. While waiting for my turn, I snapped a shot of the arena. I couldn’t see much from where I was sitting but the play by play done by the MC was more than enough for me to get the whole picture.

targetspecial target

The targets and the cans were not as easy to shoot as I thought. The trajectory of the foam bullets did not go in a straight line but more of a curve. It took a few tries before I could actually hit what I was aiming at. Some of the targets that I shot down were actually mostly by luck.

In the end, I came away with 860 points in total, which wasn’t enough to get to the top 25 finalists list. I wish I was a better shot but it was definitely fun though. If they have the same event again next year, I’m going to try for it again.

You can read more of what we did from Joelyn’s and Sarah’s posts.


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