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The Different Sides of Me

A short conversation with my colleagues today made me realise that they’ve only seen a very, very small side of me; the sides of me that usually appear when I’m at work. They seemed to be very surprise that I have girly side, which I have yet to decide if it’s an insult.

Anyway, here’s a few sides of me that people at work tend to encounter.

1. The serious scientist
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This side of me appears mostly at work. The one that does all the serious science stuff and usually doesn’t take shit and totally hates idiotic people.

2. The bad tempered, foul mouthed bitch

This side usually turns up when the serious side encounters idiots, people who take things without permission and then didn’t return said item, or just on bad days when caffienation and sleep are at an all time low.

For those who know me outside of the work situation, they tend to see a few other sides of me.

3. The writer

This isn’t so much of a secret now. I write stuff. Not necessarily good stuff but I do write when I can. I wish I had more time to write though.

4. The comic book girl

The highlight of my week is when I go down to the comic book store and pick up my new comic book. It’s sad, I know, but it’s the little joys like this that keeps me from doing other dangerous things.

5. The gamer girl

I don’t play as much as I used to but I try when I can. Now that the LEGO Harry Potter should be out, I foresee more Nintenditis coming along.

6. The adventurer
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Every weekend is an adventure. Just ask the Adventure Crew. They know what I mean.

7. The girly girl
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This is the side that only close friends have seen. The side that has me gushing/squealing over cute footwear, dresses, men and other girly things. This girly girl side of me makes brief appearances but when they do, that’s when my wallet cries out in agony.

There’s another side of me that only a very select few have seen. If you haven’t seen it, then you’re not one of the lucky ones.

8. The naughty girl
naughty girl
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I’ll leave that to your imagination.

So there you go, these are the sides of me that one will catch a glimpse off if you hang out with me long enough. I have other, deeper, emotional sides too but that’s another story for another day.