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The One With The Zombies

movie poster

What happens when you see zombies running around in town? Take pictures, of course. Sarah, Avariel and I were there to witness the dancing zombies in town, over the weekend.

Actually the zombie congregation was part of a promo for a local indy zombie flick, The Great Zombie Apocalypse. The whole ‘flash mob’ was organised and participated by volunteers, from the zombies to the photographers, like me.

Everyone gathered at the little stretch between Wisma Atria and Ngee Ann City, for a briefing on how the day’s programme was going to start. While the zombies were getting their make up put on, the rest of us picture taking people just bummed around, talked, play some Pokemon, did word puzzles and just waited. When the zombies were ready, they did some last minute rehearsals and then, off they go to scare people.

dancing zombies

Two groups of zombies, one coming from the direction of Lucky Plaza while the other came from the direction of Ngee Ann City, converged at the open space near the traffic lights at the Heeren. There were ‘fights’ among the zombies and a lot of screaming. Then, they started to dance to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.

attacking zombies

After the dancing, the zombies (and the photographers) walked down to The Cathay for another round of dancing and promo.


It was a very interesting experience since I’ve never been involved in an event like that before. I must say that despite the heat, it was really fun.

So do check them out or go to their Facebook page.


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