Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Music Mondays: Ready For Love

Now I’m on my feet again
Better things are bound to happen
all my dues surely must be paid
Many miles and many tears times were hard
But now they’re changing
You should know I’m not afraid

I discovered this song while watching Supernatural and have loved it ever since.

Zombie Movies Night

I love zombie movies. In fact, I love horror movies, as long as there are monsters and ghosts, instead of a human slashing each other for fun. That’s just something about watching the undead chowing down on the living, in glorious, gruesome ways that just appeals to me. Armed with snackage, drinks, a comfortable seat and awesome company, the zombie movie night began.

First up was Zombieland.

A movie about zombie Nazis with a hunger for human flesh and blood. If there was a zombie apocalypse with these kind of zombies, we’re fucked. They can use weapons, run really fast, don’t die easily and climb trees. If you get chased by these zombies, the probability of death is 98%.

The movie was gory, some what gross at parts and laugh out loud too. It’s definitely not for the squeamish but oh, so awesome! Both of us laughed so much watching the movie. There were even parts which gave us a shock. It was fun.

Watching zombie movies always made my day or night. I wish every night could be zombie movie night.

The A-Team: Something From My Childhood That Hollywood Didn’t Destroy

In fact, I think it was better than the original. But that’s just me comparing a child’s memory with an adult one.

Let me start of by admitting that the main reason I want to watch the movie was for Liam Neeson. I think he’s a scarily good actor and also, he’s hot. Yes, I like my leading men to have some years on them. Men who age well are really, really sexy.

Anyway, back to the movie. It was hilarious! I didn’t expect it to be so funny. I almost choked on my popcorn more times that I could count. My chest physically hurt from laughing too much and I spilled popcorn all over myself. It was a glorious movie filled with witty banter, explosions and humour. It may not be a wholesome family movie but then, you don’t really bring your kids to watch an explosion-filled movie, do you?

Would I get it on DVD? Most definitely. So for those of you who have yet to watch it, here, have a trailer.

I had a great, great time watching the movie and of course, the one I went with made it even better.


Focusing on a task has never been one of my strongest points but I try. Lately, it’s been harder this past few weeks to focus on the tasks at hand. I get distracted so easily that I think my work is a little affected as well.

Even as I write this, I’m listening to music, playing a game and watching a video. At the same time.

I can’t seem to focus.

So here, have a video:

This Was Actually More Interesting And Fun Than I Thought

spore con sign

The previous Saturday saw me and most of the Adventure Crew (Sarah, Avariel and Joelyn) going to the far east end of the island to attend SPORE Con. I’ve never been to a table top/board game convention before so this was bound to get exciting.

The main reason for us to attend was for the SFF (that’s Science Fiction & Fantasy for those of you who are scratching you head at that) Panel that Sarah and Rozen was on.

We arrived a few minutes late but it wasn’t too bad since everyone was just milling about. After a while, everyone settled down and Jolantru, the moderator, opened the panel.

the panel

It’s not common knowledge that we do have SFF writers in Singapore. It’s just that we’re like lone wolves, writing alone without a pack because we (yes, me included) don’t know how to get in touch with the other SFF writers out there. The only time I’ve ever seen so many SFF writers coming together is during NaNoWriMo and they usually disappear when it ends. It’s sad, isn’t it?

The panel discussed a number of things, like our writer identity. Would we want to be known as a Singapore Writer or just Writer? I’m opting for the latter. The discussions also covered the difficulty genre writers have trying to get their work published locally. Something needs to be done about this situation, but what?

After the panel came to a close, we went down to see the exhibits in the hall.

figurines 1figurines 2

There were figurines, board games and other things that I have no idea how to describe. It was pretty interesting. Sarah and I got to try a cooking style board game where we had to put in the ingredients in with one swift motion and hoping not to burn the food. I guess years of shaking tubes out of beakers really helped since I little trouble shaking the ingredients out.

warhammer 40k

There was a competition for Warhammer 40k (though for the life of me, I have no idea what kind of game that is). Noone was playing when we got there but the set up itself was very interesting.

Too bad that we couldn’t stay longer since Raven Silvers was waiting for us. I can’t wait for next year’s event.

The SPORE-Con was proudly brought to you by Paradigm Infinitum.

Adapting To Change And Moving On

Change can happen so swiftly that it leaves you gasping and lost. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t handle change very well when it’s not on my terms but there isn’t much choice but to suck it up and carry on.

The thing about change is that it scares me so much. It’s new, different and most of the time, I don’t know how to handle it fully and I always wonder if I have the tools to deal with it effectively, be it something new at work or just life in general that’s kicking me in the ass.

I hate sounding like a whiny bitch but sometimes I wish that things didn’t have to change so much. Or at least, change for the better and on my terms. Having to worry if you still have a job or getting your heartbroken just suck eggs.

However, given time, I’m getting used to it. Things will never be the same but it’s time that I suck it up and move on. I can’t let the fear keep me back from doing new things, things that may lead to even better things.

So here’s to me taking fear by the horns and getting over it.

The One With The Zombies

movie poster

What happens when you see zombies running around in town? Take pictures, of course. Sarah, Avariel and I were there to witness the dancing zombies in town, over the weekend.

Actually the zombie congregation was part of a promo for a local indy zombie flick, The Great Zombie Apocalypse. The whole ‘flash mob’ was organised and participated by volunteers, from the zombies to the photographers, like me.

Everyone gathered at the little stretch between Wisma Atria and Ngee Ann City, for a briefing on how the day’s programme was going to start. While the zombies were getting their make up put on, the rest of us picture taking people just bummed around, talked, play some Pokemon, did word puzzles and just waited. When the zombies were ready, they did some last minute rehearsals and then, off they go to scare people.

dancing zombies

Two groups of zombies, one coming from the direction of Lucky Plaza while the other came from the direction of Ngee Ann City, converged at the open space near the traffic lights at the Heeren. There were ‘fights’ among the zombies and a lot of screaming. Then, they started to dance to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.

attacking zombies

After the dancing, the zombies (and the photographers) walked down to The Cathay for another round of dancing and promo.


It was a very interesting experience since I’ve never been involved in an event like that before. I must say that despite the heat, it was really fun.

So do check them out or go to their Facebook page.