Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Writing Dedication, I’m Lacking

One of the things that I miss most is writing. I have not done any decent amount of writing for pleasure, in the longest time. My writing journal is woefully decoud of any writing. The last thing I wrote was a half complete erotica short story, and that was way back in February.

I want to say that school and work got in the way of writing but then, other people manage to write even with a full work and school load. I don't manage time all that well apparently. Also, work kills my creative juices. Well, except when I go for lunch alone; that's when my imagination foes wild.

Fortunately, I always travel with a notebook. At least what ever plot ideas that comes, I get to the write it down and revisit it some time in the future. It's not much bit it's something at least.

I try to think of plot ideas with genres that I don't normally write since it gets rather boring to write just about romance and murder all the freaking time. I'm glad that the people I hang out with have such diverse interests and genres that they write.

So what's my whole point in this? I'm going to try and continue writing but I don't know how much writing I can get done with all the stuff that is happening at the moment.