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Free Comic Book Day 2010

Every first Saturday of May is Free Comic Book Day. I’ve missed out on the last few so I was determined to not miss it again. It’s free comic books, how can I miss it, right? I met Raven Silvers, Sarah and Avariel for our caffeine boost before we made our way down to the comic book store.

G&B is the only local participating comic shop, so we knew we had to go early to get a decent queue number. Non-members get to collect 5 free comic books, while members get to collect 10. It goes without saying that I signed up for membership with G&B just for that alone.

We arrived at the shop at half past 11 and there was already a queue. The event was supposed to start at noon and there were at least twenty people ahead of us. As the waiting progressed, more and more people came and as predicted, us ladies were outnumbered by at least 5:1 by the male of the species.

question & capt america
Photo courtesy of Seriously Sarah

Anyway, other than the free comics, members who turned up in the G&B t-shirts get extra freebies and even more freebies for those who turn up as superheroes. Sarah, being the hardcore fan/cosplayer that she is, dressed up as Renee Montoya aka The Question. Having never seen how one gets into character in a cosplay, it was very fascinating for me to watch her put on her wig and other accessories to become the character. I would have dressed up as Supergirl but I didn’t have the time to make the costume, so I just wore the t-shirt instead.

war of the supermendc kids

When the opened the doors, we made our way in and while waiting for our turn to pick up the laid out free comics, we overheard a mother telling her children, “There doesn’t seem to be any comics for girls.” We rolled our eyes at that but then, we’re not your typical females either.

There were so many to choose from but I chose mostly DC comics like the War of the Supermen and the DC Kids Mega Sampler. I managed to get a copy of the Storm Lion comics and got it autographed.

batman & robin all starssupernatural origins

Other than the free comic books that I picked up, I also picked up Supernatural Origins and All Star Batman & Robin as there was a sale of a sort going on that day.

I finished Supernatural Origins last night and I have to say that it doesn’t really add anything much to the beginning to the show, though it did show how John Winchester becoming a hunter. Not enough Dean and Sam stories though.

superhero card

We hung around for the crowd to thin out before we went in for a second round to browse through the books on sale. I didn’t find the other ones that I wanted so I just settled for the two that I picked up. Before we left, I picked up my G&B membership card, so now, I’m a certified superhero!

I had a lot of fun and for once, I’m not the lonely female person going a little crazy over comic books. With the Free Comic Book Day done, the next thing I’m looking forward to is for my pre-ordered comics to come in this month.

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