Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Emo Entry Is Emo

Everyone told me that keeping busy is the best way to keep my mind off the depression and the heartache. They're mostly right. The weekend was packed with activity; picnicking, kite-flying and on Sunday was a race thing that was more tiring than fun. The activities did made me think about other things but the sadness and the heartache usually comes when I least expect it, like when I'm waiting for a bus on the way home or just having coffee. It hurts and I hate it.

I need a hug but the one that I want a hug from is the cause of all of this feelings. I hate it and while part of me wants to hate him, I can't.

I'm angry all the time. The slightest thing can set me off and I hate being angry. It's tiring and draining.

I wish that I could turn back the clock and did things differently but I'm not even sure if it would help. People and feelings change. I just wish it didn't hurt so much.

Eventually I’ll Be Fine But For Now, I’m Not.

Lyrics after the jump.

I’m clearing my phone
Clearing the wall of the pictures you gave to me
I can throw your letters away
But what to do with my soul
And you made up your mind
Now it’s the time to be done with my memories
I will try’n get on with my life
But i still care for you

So don’t lead me on
Saying that I’ll be fine
Yes I may live and get on with with sometime
But I will not be fine

And so, I’m trying to think
Of ways that a life without you may just better me
Busy me, with busy things
But always wondering how you are doing
And so, I’m going to try
To numb off the part of my brain that’s the life of me
Second prize for all of my life
‘Cause you will not be mine


But I see you all the time
but I still feel the same
How as that change the things I say
When not speaking out is allowed

I will not be fine
I will not be fine
Yes I may live and get on with some time
But I will not be fine
Yes I may live and get on with some time
But I will not be fine

Weekend Adventures: Pewtersmith Apprentice For A Day

I’d not gone out for adventures with The Crew in long while due to exams and the studying for it. I missed out on a few exciting ones, much to my dismay. With exams all done, I can finally go out and enjoy myself.


I met up with the Adventure Crew, Avariel, Joelyn, Raven Silvers and Sarah, for an early morning jaunt to the game store and then to a comic store before going to meet Arrch, Sarah’s friend who was leaving that evening for home. It was his last day in Singapore so the adventure choice was his.

We ended up at the Royal Selangor Pewter store on Clarke Quay to attend their School of Hardknocks, which allowed non-artistic people like me, to try out pewtersmithing.

We met Arrch at Clarke Quay and made our way to the pewter store. It wasn’t too far but it was a really, really hot day and having to walk through the afternoon sun was not exactly enjoyable.

Raven had managed to obtain a voucher booklet of touristy things for each of us, so instead of the usual SGD30 for the pewtersmith apprenticeship, it was SGD28. Not bad huh?

set up
Photo courtesy of Seriously Sarah

The lot of us were herded into the workshop, where the tools and aprons were set up. We dropped our bags and put on the aprons provided. Some of them mentioned that it was like being back in Design & Technology class again, due to the blue aprons. I didn’t have the chance to experience D&T like the rest of them as I went to school when the old gender bias was still intact; girls only took home economics while boys took D&T.

Photo courtesy of Seriously Sarah

After putting on our aprons, the instructor showed us how to use the tools, like the letter engraving tools, the hammer and the mould to make the bowl. It wasn’t difficult actually, to hammer the pewter disc into shape, especially since the mould was really easy to follow. The only thing that we needed to remember was not to hammer your fingers, which I managed to. I have a tendency to do that, so I guess it’s a good thing that I didn’t do anything involving power tools when I was in school.

school of hardknocks certapron

After hammering our bowls into shape, we were told to wash and scrub it in one direction only, to give the beautiful lines that are unique to pewter works. I was rather proud of my tiny bowl (or half a boob protector or a large cod piece, depending on whom you ask). It may not be entirely smooth, the engraving was not so well done by yours truly, it was still my bowl, hammered mostly into shape by me.

At the end of the session, we were given certificates to show that we did it! We even got to keep the aprons too. They provided us with a small foam bag to store our bowls in and paper bags to carry them home.

pewter pendant

In the paper bag, there was also a pewter coin that was given to us. All it needs is a strong or a leather thong and I can use it as a pendant. Cool huh?

I wouldn’t mind going back again since I want to do a better job with the engraving than I did with this one. The engraving I did was crooked and not hammered in enough. Also, it was fun hammering the metal into shape. You can actually vent out a lot of your frustrations into that sheet of metal and create something pretty. This is definitely a recommended activity if you want to create something beautiful with your hands and have a lot of fun hitting something.

Almost Half-way Through April

And I'm not done with my studying. In fact, I'm barely through a fifth of my readings and my paper is this Thursday.

After spending the last three days with intensive review of my lecture notes, I feel a little burnt out. I'm so tired; too tired to even go for the study group that was arranged for today. I just want to get this paper over and done with so that I can concentrate on other things.

Ok, break's over. Back to the books.

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