Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Weekend Adventure: In Search of Good Seafood

(Alternate Title: The One Where We Travelled All Over The Down Town Area Trying To Get Seats)

The Happy Smiley Writers Group finally got around to having the long overdue meeting where we hashed out the last few chapters of the next book and working on the promotion and marketing of Happiness at the End of The World.

book 1 tiny Book 2 tiny

We were down to five members as Joelyn was unwell and couldn’t make it. There was much writing of address on labels, going through the Writers’ Market books, having coffee and the goodies that Raven Silvers brought. By the end of the meeting, all the mochi and the coffee had been burnt off, we were starved.

Fish 1 small

After a quick stop to the library and to Kinokuniya, Sarah suggested that we head on to The Manhattan Fishmarket, the nearest one being at Plaza Singapura. We walked down from Ngee Ann City and was disappointed at the really long queue at the front of the outlet. So we headed down to Marina Square to try our luck. Unfortunately, there was another long queue, due to it being the peak hour for dinner. We were really starved by then, so we stayed and hope that we’d get a table soon since it’ll be easier to seat three people compared to the group of ten in front of us.

fish 2 small

Having browsed through the menu while we waited, we knew exactly what we wanted and placed our order as they showed us our table.

The garlic sauce mussels that we shared was amazing. I’ve never been a very big fan of mussels but this dish had me wanting more and sad when we finished it. If I were to eat it at home, I would be licking the plate as well as the wok that it came in but I wasn’t. I just wished the bread was toasted slightly instead of just being soft and warm.

The staff who brought The Manhattan Platter for us, also brought a blow torch with her, which she then used to fire up the prawns right in front of us. I’ve never seen prawns served that way. The scent of freshly fired up crustaceans was mouth-wateringly good.

Fish 4 small

The platter consisted of garlic rice, fries, deep fried, battered fish, calamari rings, deep fried, battered oysters and the fired up prawns. I found the rice flavourful and the prawns to die for. I had no words to describe the deliciousness of the prawn; it was a cross between a foodgasm and a mind-blowing, epiphany.

Fish 5 small

The meal set us back SGD51+, which is about SGD17 per person. It wasn’t bad considering the major enjoyment factor. I’m glad to know that there’s a Manhatten Fishmarket outlet fifteen minutes away (by train) from my house. I’m definitely going again soon, just for the prawns.


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