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Family Roadtrip, Spending QualityTime Cooped Up in A Car

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I think that the last time my family and I actually had a family holiday together with all of us present, was at least a decade ago. With school and work taking up most of our time, we hardly ever go off on a trip together. So when my mum asked if I was free for a family trip, I made time to go since I have not had a proper holiday in two years.

My parents decided on Awana Kijal, Golf, Beach & Spa Resort, solely on the basis of their breakfast spread. Having never been there before, I just went with their decision.

Initially, I wasn’t looking forward to the trip as my previous experiences with travelling to the northern states of Malaysia, it’s usually long, winding and being stuck in the car with my sisters for extended number of hours would always result in someone crying. However, my mother assured me that it’s only an eight hours drive.

So the trip started really early in the morning, after a quick breakfast, where my mum had chicken rice at nine in the morning. It’s strange and yet, not really. The drive up north wasn’t so bad seeing that we spent most of the drive either asleep or just talking. I would have offered to take over from my dad and drive for an hour or two but the speed at which the other drivers go scared me. Also, huge trucks not following traffic rules are also another reason why I didn’t.

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After a few stops for lunch and loo visits, we arrived at the hotel late in the afternoon. We didn’t have to wait long for our rooms either. We rested for a while, watching free cable channels, before going down for a swim. After a quick wash up, we headed down for dinner at the Chinese restaurant. It should’ve been a buffet dinner but due to the off-peak period, the cancelled the buffet and gave us food vouchers instead. The food was not bad and the serving sizes were huge! I was so stuffed that I thought that I wouldn’t be able to go to sleep but I was wrong.

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I woke up hungry, which is good since the breakfast was buffet style and I got to eat what ever I want. Once again, due to the off-peak season, there wasn’t as much variety (or so my mum said), not that I cared one bit. As long as there was a bread station with various spreads and choice of bread, omelette station, cereal station and tea, I’m good. There were local delicacies like nasi dagang but I was more interested in the other things to try that.

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Breakfast was followed by a walk at the beach, since the youngest sis was whining that she wanted to go to the beach. So we went. Even though it was only half past ten, it was so hot. Walking on the sand bare feet felt like I was trying to get my feet baked. The hot sand was such a contrast to the cool water. The waves weren’t strong enough to topple me like it did when I was a child but I could feel the drag as the wave drew back towards the see.

It’s been a while since I went to the beach and I would have loved to go for a swim if it wasn’t because of the scorching sun overhead. The skies were perfectly blue and I could even see fishermen standing on their boat, throwing the net over the side.

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While we were aimlessly walking up and down the beach taking pictures, my parents found a huge cuttlefish bone. The ones that I usually see are about the size of my palm but these were about the size of my feet. If the bones were that big, can you imagine how big the animal would be like?

The rest of our stay at the hotel involved holing up in the air-conditioned hotel room and going to the nearby mall to get away from the heat. This was then followed by a nice, long soak in the bathtub, just for the fun of it.

This might be the last family roadtrip together since my middle sis starts work today and in a few months time, so will the youngest. With everyone working and me with school, it might be a long, long while before we could go on a trip like this again. I hope not too long.


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