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Saturday Adventures: Megazip Adventure Park, Sentosa

Megazip 1 small

Another Saturday, another adventure. That’s starting to be my motto lately. So, it’s another instalment of me tagging along Seriously Sarah as she does her Sarah Does Singapore column.

This time however, there were a number of us who guest starred in her adventure, not just me and Joelyn Alexandra. Heck, even my friend Pri made an appearance.

Anyway, on with the story but it’s going to be somewhat picture heavy and rather wordy, so you’ve been warned.

The first stop of the day was to the Victoria Secrets outlet at Resort World Sentosa. The group got a little lost but finally managed to find it after a quick stop at the information counter. We arrived a little too early, so the outlet wasn’t open yet. We hung around outside the store, watching the runway show on the tv embedded into the wall. A middle aged man unabashedly joined us for a little while, in the underwear ogling, before he went of to who knows where. I think we spent about an hour in the store, picking out cute under-things and other miscellaneous VS products.

After a quick lunch at Imbiah station, we changed into our climbing gear and made our way up the hill to the Adventure Park. It wasn’t a steep climb, though we almost got knocked down by a fast moving buggy that was transporting bags and people from the top of the hill to the beach and back.

Megazip 2 small

When we reached the top of the hill, there were already a number of people there, getting their tickets and putting on the safety harnesses. While Sarah dealt with the tickets and stuff, the rest of us dumped our gear into the big bag provided. When everyone was ready, we got harnessed up and made our way to the tower to start our rope courses.

Since it was my first time there, I decided to go with the level 1 rope course. After the via Ferrata climb two months back, I’d rather be conservative and do a low level one instead being all gung ho and trying the harder levels.

Megazip 3 tiny Megazip 4 tiny Megazip 5 tiny

The level 1 course is only 5 meters up and the harness is hooked to the safety cable at the top, so that even if you lose your balance and fall off the wire/rope, you’re still safely hooked to the cable so you won’t plummet to the ground and break some bones. The course looks difficult but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, but then, even kids younger than my 12 year old nephew and ladies about my mother’s age, could do it. Heck, they even go on to level 2.

Joelyn and I did the first level while Sarah, being the Lara Croft in-training that she is, went on to do levels 2 and 3. She made it look so easy, especially the run and jump across the gaping, shaking platform at level 3. If she were a princess, she would be the one rescuing the prince instead of meekly waiting for him to come and rescue her. Sarah is just that hardcore.

Megazip 6 small Megazip 7 small

After the ropes course, we did the parajump, where they hook you up to a cable and then jump off a platform, 15m up in the air. I didn’t take any pictures up there since my heart was in my mouth and all I thought was that I was going to die. The drop itself isn’t so bad as the cable makes your fall rather controlled. It’s the initial step off the platform that is the scariest. I was scared, so I didn’t look down but the rush that the drop gave me could rival any roller coaster ride. I didn’t even scream but then, the drop was a little too quick for a satisfying, from the belly scream.

When everyone was done with their various courses and jumps, it was time for the zipline; the main reason we went for the trip. You can do a solo zipline if you’re above 50kg but Pri and I decided to do a tandem since both of us are nervous, might as well be nervous and jump off together. They hooked us up to another cable and after making sure that everything is alright, they pulled a lever and we zipped down the line, screaming our heads off. My feet even brushed with the tops of the trees, which is both exciting and scary at the same time.

At the end of the line, they reeled us in like fish and unhooked us from the cable before sending us on our way across the bridge to get to the green bus to collect our belongings and return their harness. As the group of us walked across the sand, we looked like a group of lost parachutists, stranded in the middle of the desert.

Megazip 8 small

I totally enjoyed my adventure and I’m definitely going again, with my sisters the next time. I’m going to try the high levels and definitely the zipline. I couldn’t take a proper video as my camera wasn’t hooked onto my harness the right way for a video, I leave you with a vid that Sarah took the last time she was at Megazip.


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