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Excerpts From The Writing Journal: Working Magic

I try to put my plot ideas into words when I have the time. Most of the stuff in my writing journal are either parts of stories or works in progress. On of those is a story that involves magic and the office, that I call Working Magic.

Here’s an excerpt:

From where they were standing, they could see two fat, red candles burning, with a brass burner between the candles. Blue flames were dancing within the bowl. They watched as Parker sprinkled some powder into the bowl and the flames jumped before turning purple and then back to blue. He took a photo out from an envelope and dropped it into the fire.

“Hey, that’s a picture of us,” Mike whispered.

“Us? What’s he doing with a photo of us?” Stella asked softly.

“No, not a photo of the two of us. It’s the office photo that we took during Marjorie’s retirement party. Everyone got a copy of it, remember?”

“Yes. So what’s he doing with it?”

“I don’t know, let’s ask.”

The rest of the first part can be found here.

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