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Sunday Adventures: Checking Out The Post-Museum

On the last day of January, I met with Seriously Sarah, Raven Silvers and Avariel to check out the Post Museum that Rozen was telling us about during the HSWG meeting the previous day. HSWG was looking for a working space and there was studio space at there that we could rent and set up an office or something. We decided to do some reconnaissance for her and at the same time, try out the vegetarian/vegan cafe there.

door 2 tiny

We met at Farrer Park station, as the venue was only a short walk away from the station. When I arrived, Avariel and Sarah were already waiting for me. They’d come together from the Kite Day at Punggol. I was supposed to go but I woke up late and was feeling a little lazy, so I skipped that part of the day.

Being a Sunday, Little India was packed with not only locals but also with the foreign labourers who were having their day off. I’m not very good with crowds and to have so many people packed on both sides of the streets, I was scared that someone might get pushed into the path of oncoming traffic. Fortunately, everyone was safe. There was even a free stage show that someone had organised for the entertainment. I think it was to celebrate Thaipusam, since the roads were closed earlier that morning for the Thaipusam ceremony.

Anyway, we couldn’t see any of the landmarks that were on the map provided on the Post Museum site. Raven used the map thing on her phone and just as we getting our bearings, Sarah pointed to the street across from us, Rowell Road. It was opposite us the whole time we were trying figure out where we were. So we jay-walked crossed the street and started looking for the Post-Museum.

door 2 small

The Post Museum is at the end of the Rowell Road, nearest to the residential area. We had to pass by a few interesting shops that sold everything from food, wares and, um, services too. There was a collective ‘Oooooh’ that went through the group when we finally found it.

They were having a free market in their show area, so we decided to check it out. There were piles and piles of things that ranged from CDs, clothes, books and miscellaneous items. All of them were FREE! All you needed was to bring your own bag and help yourself. There’s a donation box at the door, so you can give what ever amount you want. This is to help keep the place running.

artsy people small

After having a fill of the show room, we moved over to the cafe next door, which also part of the Post Museum. The interior of the cafe was rustic, with dry walls on one side and unpainted cement wall on the other. The place was buzzing with people enjoying cold bottles of beer and vegetarian snacks. The atmosphere in side the cafe was so unlike any place that we’ve been to in Singapore, that if we had some oceanic breeze blowing into the cafe, you can just close your eyes and pretend that you’re in a far off tropical island and not in a city state that’s just mostly concrete jungle.

I could tell that the rest of them felt exactly the same way I did. We in love with the place and would absolutely love it if we could get this to be our HSWG HQ. We ordered ice tea and enjoyed the cold drink as we pretended to be arsty people and absorb the ambience.

menu small

When we finished our tea, we decided to check out what else was available on the menu. They had a relatively good range of vegetarian food, along with vegan options and even vegetarian options without garlic and onions. The last option is not something that I’ve encountered before. It wasn’t until quite recently that I met a few people who were vegetarian and did not take onions and garlic for religious reasons.

vegan pizza small

After going through the menu, we decided on something that we can’t get anywhere else, a grilled vegetable pizza with vegan tofu topping instead of cheese. Since we’re out of drinks, we ordered another round, lemon & lime bitters for everyone else and a ginger ale for me.

The pizza was thin crust, crispy and so flavourful that we didn’t even care that there wasn’t any dairy products on it. It was good for those with lactose intolerant. My one and only experience with vegan food wasn’t that great but the pizza totally made up for it.

strange painting small

While we paid for our order, I enquired about the studio space and other things that we needed to ask about. They were superbly busy that day so they couldn’t show us around but that was okay. We had enough to report back to Rozen.

When we left the cafe, we saw something very interesting painted on the pillar outside the cafe. I have no idea what it is but to me, it looked like a superhero dressed as a yellow soda bottle with fruits floating around it. The star at the crotch though, I have no idea what that meant.

Anyway, like I said earlier, the place is awesome and so artsy that it appealed to our Bohemian writer side. The only down side that we could see was that, being a totally independent venue, there’s a danger that it might fold, leaving us with no venue to congregate and you know, do our art (hah!). So if you happen to go there, please donate generously and help to keep the place going. We need more places like that in Singapore.


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