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Sunday Adventure: The One With The Balls And Arrows

bowling shoes small
Photo courtesy of Seriously Sarah

Last Sunday, I met up with the Adventure Crew (Seriously Sarah, Raven Silvers, Joelyn Alexandra and Avariel) for bowling. My sister, Hopeily, decided to come along as well. I’ve been meaning to go bowling for a long while but I just never got around to doing that. When I asked if anyone was interested in going for the bowling session, the crew was interested so that’s what we did.

We decided to go to Kallang Leisure Mall but getting there was an adventure by itself. From the train station, we crossed over to the bus depot and just as we reached it, we saw our bus leaving. So we had to wait about 18 minutes for the next bus to arrive. Once on the bus, we didn’t know where to alight so we ended up dropping at a bus stop earlier than we should. It wasn’t that far a walk to the mall but it was sunny and oh, so warm.

2nd game results small

Due to the inconvenience of getting to the mall (since it’s in the middle of nowhere and the train station is not yet operational), there was barely anyone at the bowling alley. We decided in playing 2 games as only one game would not be worth the effort of us making the journey to the middle of nowhere. The games were relatively cheap at SGD3.80 per game for non-peak hours and SGD4.30 for peak hours. Shoe rental was only at SGD1.10.

We weren’t very good at bowling, so there’s totally no chance of us conquering the world with our Mad Bowling Skillz because we don’t have any. There more than a few gutter balls but also quite a few strikes as well (which I think are just by luck and not by skillz).

animation 2 small

What made it even more fun were the animations that we could choose from for the score board. The first game was disco themed, complete with a dancing girl every time you hit the pins. The Adventure Crew being who we are, of course danced along with the dancing girl. We’re fun like that. For the second game, we chose the fairytale theme, which came with a wizard and a dragon as well.

When we finished our games, I was a little sad that we had to go but our rumbling tummies made us leave. None of us had cash (we paid for the game with plastic) and there wasn’t an ATM that all of us could use, so we had to go to another mall for cash and food.

half nekkid guys small
Photo courtesy of Seriously Sarah

When we left the mall, we were graced by the sight of half nekkid hot guys. (Go here for an even better picture of the guys.) They were doing some charity car wash things. I didn’t catch that part because I was too busy ogling at those abs. It didn’t even occur to me to snap a picture of them since all I could think of was “Mmmm… yummy washboard abs.”

Then, of course, I had to tear my gaze away from those wonderful, wonderful male features and watch where I was going. It would have been hilarious as heck if I tripped and broke my head on the pavement from being too entranced with the half nekkid male body.

Anyway, we got on the bus and made our way to Suntec where we got cash and had some much needed lunch.

arhcery card small
Photo courtesy of Seriously Sarah

When the crew found out that Hopeily had never tried the archery range at Suntec City, they decided that she MUST go, and so we went. The lady at the archery range remembered us from the last time we were there, which may be a good thing or a bad thing. It was Joe’s first time there so they gave her a little tutorial before she started her killing spree shots. Hopeily was a former archery girl (albeit only for a few months), so she didn’t need any help with the bows and arrows.

Once again, it’s confirmed that I’m much better with a gun than I am with a bow since I have no idea how to take aim with a bow at all. I kept hitting above the target instead of at it.

archery target small
Photo courtesy of Seriously Sarah

Sarah, being the Amazon Warrior Woman in-training, was awesome with her shots. In case that there is ever a zombie apocalypse, I know who to put on the roof to fire flaming arrows into pits of Greek Fire to keep the zombies at bay. Me, I’ll be the one at the corner with the sniper rifle.

So, it was a really fun day out. Instead of having just one adventure, we had 2 with a few minor ones on the side, like side quests in Legend of Zelda. I didn’t even hurt as bad as the last time I went bowling and archery, on two separate days. I’m looking forward to the next time I go to the archery range and the bowling alley.


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