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Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Saturday Adventures: The Incidental Adventure To The National Library

On Saturday, I was supposed to go on a trek up Bukit Timah Nature Reserve with my Adventure Crew (Seriously Sarah, Raven Silvers, Joelyn Alexandra and Avariel) but I had come down with a cold and my mother was worried that I would pass out and fall down a ditch somewhere, so I gave it a pass. However, I was feeling much better after lunch and went to meet up with them anyway at the Singapore Arts Museum to pick up my t-shirts from Sarah. Then we decided to go to the National Library to do some research on our stories.

Avariel left to meet her friend, leaving the rest of us to go to the library. At the open space at the library, they were having an environmental/sustainable living showcase of some sort. I wasn’t really paying attention as I was riveted by the Segway thing. I managed to give it a try and it was rather easy to manoeuvre. I must say, it was fun and I really want to get one (if it was cheap that is).

After some quick refreshments at the cafe, we went to see these interesting machines that’s supposed to help recycle drink cans and bottles.

machine 1 small

This machine will crush the cans and the bottles, and also separate them into different bins, for easy sorting and recycling.

machine 2 small

This machine will just store the bottles as is.

side view 1 small

Side view of the machines.

These machines are not available yet but a company is trying to promote it. Hopefully, that if there are enough sponsors, the machine will be available at schools and offices around the island.


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