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Mummies At The Museum

I’ve always loved history and museums, especially ancient history. So when I found that they were were having an Ancient Egyptian showcase at the National Museum, I was superbly excited. I managed to drag the Significant Other with me, which in itself is a surprise because the man isn’t a big fan of museums.

egyptian showcase,museum,sphynx head

They had free entry for students and once again, I’m thankful for my student status (albeit part-time). I got to go in for free and since they had a discount for Mastercard as well, the man gets to get his ticket in the cheap too. We took the package tickets, so that we could roam the museum after we were done with the gallery.

egyptian showcase,museum,stele

There were so many kids and their parents at the gallery. Kids running and screaming. Maybe I’m just being a sour puss but I just wanted to have a quiet stroll through the museum. I guess that’s just what happens when you go during the school holidays.

There weren’t as many exhibits as I would have preferred but it was still as interesting. There were statues, false doors, sarcophagi and even mummies. There were some games and some origami things at the door of the gallery but there were too many people, so we skipped it.

Even though there weren’t that many exhibits, I still had fun. Both of us went around the rest of the museum but half way through, I was already starving and I think the man was a little bored so we left.

I hope that I get to back and see the exhibit again. This time, hopefully, there won’t be as many people there.


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