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The Princess & The Frog

princess and the frog

After my swim yesterday, my friend and I went to catch the latest Disney offering, The Princess & The Frog. It’s the first hand-drawn animated film by Disney since Home on The Range. Despite the wonderful 3D animation that they gave us, like Toy Story, The Incredibles and Cars, there’s just something about seeing a real, hand-drawn cartoon on the big screen that brings back my childhood memories.

What I really, really like about this movie is that unlike a number of the previous Disney Princesses, Tiana, the lead character in the movie isn’t afraid of hard work to get what she wants. She’s smart, works hard and doesn’t give up. I think that she’s one of the best role models out of all the Disney Princesses.

With any Disney movie, there’s the requisite tearjerker scene. While it was touching and sad, I’m glad that it didn’t make me bawl like in The Lion King, An American Tail and Land Before Time. There was even a somewhat happy ending to that scene.

Overall, I absolutely enjoyed the movie. I would definitely get it on video and the soundtrack, is so deliciously wonderful. I would go and see it again if anyone wants to watch it with me.


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