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Saturday Adventure: Singapore Discovery Centre

On Saturday, I got the chance to go to the Singapore Discovery Centre with a group of bloggers. It’s been a very long time since I last went there and it’s definitely changed a lot.

It’s actually not that far from Joo Koon station, about five to ten minutes walk from the train station. Just make sure that it didn’t rain earlier since there isn’t a sidewalk to the centre. You have to cross a grassy patch that could get very muddy when it rains.

When we arrived, we were given the purple stickers that would let us roam free around the centre after the tour thing is all done.

sticker 1 small

They also gave us a coupon for a paintball demo thing. You get to shoot five pellets, and since I’ve never tried it before, I was stoked and excited about it.

paintball coupon 1 small

The first stop of the tour was an interesting exhibit about the development of Singapore through the years, with each decade, represented by a different element.

fire 1 small earth 1 small wind 1 small

I thought it would have been more fun if it was Earth, Wind & Fire instead oft Fire, Earth and Wind, but I’m not the creator of the exhibit so, what do I know.

The next stop was a hallway that had signs in Singlish and their actually English meaning. It was interesting as there were some phrases that I didn’t even know existed. There was a small theater at the end of the hallway where we got to catch a very short movie about the Merlion and how it really signifies the cultural melting pot that is Singapore.

onz 1 small

We walked through the different exhibits, taking pictures and basically having fun. Then we got to me Little George, a robot that can answer your questions. I asked the guide, why he was called Little George since the robot wasn’t small at all. Apparently, he was named after his creator, George. So Little George it is. You can ask George any questions at all and he’ll answer it. The guide also told us that someone had asked for lottery numbers from George and they actually won. Interesting, no?

little george 1 small

We even made a stop at the temporary exhibit for the SG Tidbits 365. Then it was time for the paintball! This was the first time I had tried something like that and it was fun! My aiming wasn’t that great but given that it was my first time, I would say that I did rather well.

I got to try the paintball shooting a second time and I definitely did so much better. All five shots were a direct hit to the crotch of the target. So, don’t piss me off when I have a gun in my hand.

paintball target 1 small

The paintball wasn’t the only shooting game that we got to try. We tried the SAR 21 and the guns at the shooting range at the centre. It was great fun! Given a chance, I would go back there again, just for the guns.

Thanks 24seven for organising the fun event. More pictures of the event can be seen here.


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