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Sundays With Sarah: Tea & Books

It was another write-in day today at the Art’s House, with only five of us in attendance, Seriously Sarah, Raven Silvers, Joelyn Alexandra, Avariel and I. It was a short write in since batteries ran out early, so we decided to go to TWG teas for, well, tea. We’ve been talking about going for tea there for a while and since Sarah was the adventure leader, we thought, heck it, let’s just go.

We caught the high tea period, which resulted in a long wait. However it was worth it. Sarah and I shared a set, which included a pot of tea and a scone each. Out of the hundreds of teas, we chose a tea that totally describes our inner romance novelist; Sexy Tea. The scones were served with clotted cream and orange jelly.

The tea was actually green tea with a slight citrus taste to it but personally, I thought it tasted mildly of lemon grass. It was a refreshing drink, though I didn’t feel any sexier after the drink.

After the tea break, we ended up at { prologue }, the upscale version of Popular book store. I should have known that the store was going to be awesome the moment I saw the dinosaur at the entrance. The 20% off storewide didn’t hurt either.

Prologue 1

We started at the second floor where the stationery section was to die for. I coveted all the notebooks there. All the faux Moleskine and the ones with the flowery cloth covers made me want it all. ALL.

While I was wondering around, I saw an interesting art installation at the door to the car park.


On the first floor was where all the books were. Aimlessly wondering led me to this shelf of nothing but sex related books. It was interesting since it was the first time I had ever seen such a large collection of sex tips books.

Sexy Books

As we walked through the fiction book stacks, I came across this book, In Bed With, a collection of erotic short stories by, quoting the blurb, “best selling, award-winning and well known novelists under their x-rated pseudonyms.”

In Bed With

It was strange that I didn’t get anything at Kinokuniya yesterday, when they had their 20% off sale but I made up for it today. After reading the first story on the way home, I did not regret the purchase at all. I’m definitely going to enjoy reading this book.

Next week, Sundays with Sarah might be going to another book store after the write in.


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