Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

My Day Out, Sarah Coldheart Style

I had the day off and what better way to spend the day not at work by
going out with my sister for a trip around town, going to places that
Sarah Coldheart had reccomended.

The first stop was to a kebab at Peace Centre. Supposedly, there's a
hot kebab guy there but when I arrived, he had his back turned to me.
It didn't help that I sat with my back towards the counter. It was
only when I left that I caught his profile. To me, he looked like
Viggo Mortensen. So, I guess thats hot.

Then it was a quick trip to Starbucks to see my cousin and get my
current poison of choice, iced caramel machiatto. This was followed by
a long walk back to Ngee Ann City where I dropped by Kinokuniya where
I got a copy of Arkham Asylum graphic novel. I saw a copy of the game
at HMV but the fact that I don't have a gaming console meant that I
can't play it.

Later, while wondering around ION Orchard, I decided to drag my sister
to TWG Teas. So here I am, enjoying my TWG signature tea (my sis is
having chocolate tea), while listening to the non-English songs
playing through the speakers and pretending that I'm not in Singapore.

Next time, I going to try to make it during tea time and try their tea
time special.



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