Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

My Mother’s Younger Daughters

My sisters and I are like almost every other siblings out there; we fight, we argue, we make up. We irritate each other when we're under the same roof but we miss each other when we're not around. What ever problems we have with each other, they don't tend to last long because it's just not in us to drag it out. Someone will break, sooner or later.

I didn't use to appreciate my sisters as people until they were in their late teens. Our age differences meant that I was already a legal adult by the time they were just entering their teens. It wasn't fun initially, having whiny, angsty teenagers in the house. I'm sure they'd say the same about me.

Over the years, they grew up and matured into funny, strong, young women, with whom I can talk about almost anything about. Being in science, though different specialisations of it, also makes for interesting discussions.

(Digress) Philosophy of science isn't my favourite topic but if you have a good person to bounce off your arguments, it could really get interesting. (End Digress)

I learn to appreciate their quirkiness, the little things that makes them special and even the little things that irritates you about them, because it's those little things that you miss when they aren't around.

As much as I complain about them (and them about me), I love them. They can be irritating pests but I love them. I know that not everyone is lucky enough to have the same kind of relationship that I have with my sisters but I wish they could. They don't know what they're missing.

So it's only a few months more before all three of us will be back under the same roof. It'll be fun but ask me again two weeks after that. I might have a totally different answer.


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