Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

I’m 28 Today

Another year passes and I'm another year older.

The changes keep on coming and sometimes, not for the better.

My grandmother suffered a stroke, a few weeks after Eid, leaving her unable to talk or to move the entire right side of her body. We have to feed her via a tube that goes down the throat and straight into the tummy because she had trouble swallowing. It was chaotic for a while as my family tried to get used to the new condition and the changes in the way we do things around the house. It wasn't easy but we managed.

Work brought a new set of frustrations this past year as my group merged with another. The different styles of running a lab were the cause of much contention but a compromise was reached and while the lab wasn't running as easy as it was before, it's not that difficult either.

The son of someone I care about was diagnosed with cancer. Just when we thought that he'd kicked cancer's butt to the curb, it came back. To watch a little boy go through something that not even most adults could handle was just heart breaking.

Not all things in the past year were bad.

I got into grad school early this year and while it was strange to go back to school after all these years, I must say that a part of me had fun, despite the exhaustion of working a full-time job and then going to classes after working hours. I'm glad that it's only for two days a week. In the classes, I discovered how much I enjoy doing science that has got nothing to do with humans, be it genes or research, and that is a revelation to me. My job is rather human-centric so having something other than human to learn and study was very refreshing.

I got to spend time with The Significant Other on his birthday, which was a treat, because he's rarely back for a visit in the middle of the year. He said it was the best birthday he's had in years, to be surrounded by his loved ones and the newest addition to his family, his niece. For me, I'm just glad that he was back.

Like last year, I feel wearied and tired. Some days I feel like I'm so overwhelmed by everything that it would take only a little bit more to push me over the edge. Some days I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders. I and so many others could use for some happiness in the coming year. It's been in somewhat short supply this year.

What I want for this coming year is for J to kick cancer's ass and then stomp all over it's dead carcass. For my grandma to talk again, even though I know that it's not going to happen. For more happiness. For joy. For love.



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