Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

So It’s Teacher’s Day.

I stopped celebrating Teachers Day when I left high school but that doesn't mean that I dont' remember the teachers who made a great impact in my life.

I had two Math teachers who were amazing good and managed to get me interested in Math to the point where I actually did rather well for my exams. Unfortunately, I can't remember their names though they made such a difference in my life. My lower secondary Math teacher was an incompetent person who could barely speak English well enough for me to understand, but had not talent what so ever in capturing our attention. It wasn't a surprise when my Math grades slipped to the point where my mother forcibly sent me for tuition. I adamantly didn't want to go but looking back, I'm glad that she did. My Math tuition teacher was patient and he explained the concepts clearly and in a simplified version that I didn't have any problems following. I managed to pass my exams. Not well, mind you, but at least enough to get me to the arts class. The class may have been my last choice but things worked out in the end.

In upper secondary, the Math teacher who taught my class was just as good. At least for me. She was patient and explained the math concepts (which by then were becoming more complex). For the first time in my life, I was actually having fun in Math class and would actually willingly do all my homework and even some practice questions as revision for exams. I was that into Math at the point of time. Ultimately, it paid off because I actually scored rather well for my 'O' levels.

I had great English teachers too, like Mr Mohan, who taught me for three years in primary school. He was fierce but fair and I think that everyone in the class did well because not only was he strict, he was actually fun. Yes, strange combination I know but it worked.

In secondary school, Mr Sandhu was awesome. He and Mr Mohan started me down the path of loving to write. I could never thank them enough for introducing the wonders of writing and imagination (not that I'm not lacking imagination in the first place). I don't think I would have wanted to write if it wasn't because of them.

So to the teachers I adore, Happy Teachers Day.


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