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On Reading Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

pride & prejudice & zombies

I’ve been told that Pride & Prejudice (P&P) is a good book, recommended in many different lists of books that you must read before you die. So I got myself a copy at a second-hand book store. I only got a few chapters into it (the part where Jane ended up staying at Netherfield due to a cold) before I had to put it down.

I couldn’t get used to the prose, which I guess, makes me a plebeian as compared to those who enjoy the way she twists the words around in her sentences. (Which is strange, since I enjoyed Tolkein’s works very much and he likes to elongate sentences with unnecessary words.) Also, Mrs Bennet and the younger Miss Bennets makes me want to stab them; so giddy and boy-crazy, nothing much in their brains other then getting married. We have a term for that in Malay; minah kahwin-kahwin. I just could not get over the gedikness of the younger sisters.

So in the end, I just stopped reading and put the book in a pile of to-be-forgotten books.

A few months came and went and Seriously Sarah talked about Pride & Prejudice & Zombies (P&P&Z), I thought, that could be a more interesting read than the original. I got myself a copy and yes, the reading is going on much better than when I read P&P.

Sure, the prose still gets to me because I can’t understand why you would have a whole paragraph of twisty sentences when you can summarise it up in one sentence; Mr Darcy was a pompous ass. It’s not NaNoWriMo, when long twisty sentences help in your chase for the word count. There have been instances when all I want to do is to stop but the zombie killing scenes are the ones that got me through it.

It’s been a wonderful read and I’m really close to the end (which I read first but didn’t make sense since I didn’t have the whole context of it) and I must say that I’m totally enjoying it. If they ever made this into a graphic novel like they did with P&P, I’ll definitely get it. Heck, if they made it into a video game, I would have gotten it too. I like it that much.

The book even has it’s own page on Facebook. Be a fan!

Of course, there are the haters. Also on Facebook. I found this gem on the wall of the ‘I Wish ‘Pride & Prejudice and Zombies’ Had Never Been Written!’ group:

Not read PP

Seriously, you think it’s crap? But you haven’t read it yet, so how would you know?

The next comment made me want to hug the poster.

lighten up literary prudes

Yeah, lighten up literary prudes!

So, to summarise this whole post: I like this book. It’s got zombies and fighting and gore. Go read it!

PS: Another Quirk Classic will be out in September, entitled, Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters.


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