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Unboxing A Macbook Pro (That Isn’t Mine)

Disclaimer: This is totally not an official tech unboxing the way some of the tech bloggers do it. This is just me pretending to be one with absolutely no clue on how to actually do it. Also, it’s just for the fun of it.

Earlier this week, a colleague of mine ordered a Mac Book Pro and had it delivered to the office. I accompanied her to collect it and all the way down to the lobby, we were giggling like fangirls waiting to meet their favourite popstar.

As anyone would expect, we started squealing (quietly mind you, seeing that we were in the office) when she started unboxing the package.

She was kind enough to allow me to take totally unprofessional (aka point and anyhow shoot) pictures of her new baby.

in the big box

When she took out the white box from the ugly brown box that it was delivered in, I remembered the first time I carried my own Macbook home.

The box

The MBP was sleek, sexy and utterly gorgeous, making my two year old Macbook look like the ugly step-sister that you just want to hide away in the attic.

open the box

The cables were pristine white, unlike mine that’s already turning grey from being every where.


Backlit keyboard that’s black and smooth.


I was absolutely envious that she got herself a new Macbook Pro but then it was time to replace her old one anyway. I wanted to lick it but she didn’t let me, so boo to that.

It made me want to get a new Macbook myself, especially after finding cracks in at the back of the Macbook shell but I read somewhere that it’s a known issue with the white models. It’s still working perfectly fine and I hope that it’ll stay that way through out my whole schooling thing.

Besides, I’m waiting for a new toy to come in, hopefully soon. That way, my Macbook can stay at home and no more danger of it being cracked from handling.

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