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The (Airbrushed) Tattoo

A day out with an old friend resulted in something that I did no expect. After dinner, she mentioned that at one point of time a while back, she was thisclose to getting a tattoo, due to stress and the want to do something crazy.

So I told her, why doesn’t just get an airbrushed tattoo instead. After some name calling and a dare, she finally decided that yes, she would get one.

It took her fifteen minutes to decided on a design, a phoenix.

I took some photos of the whole process but it’s a little blurry.

The dude, placed a few drops of the dye into the sprayer thing and tested out the speed and spray.

Dye sprayer thing
Putting in the dye into the sprayer

He taped the stencil on her upper arm and checked with her the orientation of the tattoo. She decided to have the phoenix facing the front.

phoenix stencil
The Phoenix stencil

Using a satay stick, he pressed the stencil down, flushed against her skin, as he sprayed on the dye.

spraying it on
Spraying it on

It didn’t take long, about ten minutes. The dye did not have any strange scents and the tattoo person was nice and friendly.

Pheonix tattoo
The final design

I think it looked good on her and it’s the phoenix is very fitting for her; rising out of the ashes of personal tragedy and heartache to start afresh.

While the dude at the tattoo place did ask if I wanted to get one myself but at this point, I don’t think so. One thing for sure, I’m not a butterfly tattoo kind of person. I’m more of the dragon/faerie/flames kind.


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